New Year : 2017


Good Morning everyone and a very happy new year to you! I hope you entered the new year with a cheer and are looking forward to the year ahead. My post today is just one on what I am hoping for in 2017 and my resolutions. This post is a catch up one just to start the new year off as I know I have been very quiet throughout December even though there was my birthday and christmas and new years so there was plenty of occasions to blog about and I will apologise for my absent presence through December! Im back now and I am starting 2017 with a new post on my resolutions, hopes and catching you up on what I haven’t said in December!img_1169So just before Christmas it was my birthday which I celebrated with Éimear in Killarney as it was our twenty first. I wore this gorgeous white lace dress from Prettylittlething which I was perfect and exactly what I wanted! Its only available on the website in sizes UK 4 and 8 now as I bought it a little while ago. Its in their Sale stock now so its now down to €21.00! I only have a few photos from that night and because its Winter its dark so early here the pictures are all in darker light so you cant see it the way that it actually is so Im sorry for a lack of photos! I had a great night and Im glad I celebrated it some way.

A few days after my birthday I actually went out and passed my driving test so Im now fully qualified to drive! Its so different driving around whenever I want now like being able to just drive into Killarney whenever and not relying on someone else so its great to have that bit of independence. If you read last years New Years Resolutions post you will know that it was my goal for 2016 and even though it was the end of the year I still completed it which I am thrilled about!Lily Atkinson ChristmasLily Atkinson ChristmasThen came Christmas. I don’t know what it was but something about this year didn’t feel like a full on Christmas. Maybe because there wasn’t snow or that the weather has been more mild than cold I dont know. I was actually working on the 23rd and 26th so I only had the two days to be Christmassy really (some of the other girls were working on christmas eve so Im thankful for the two days) and then I was back into work on the 26th for the sales so Christmas just felt quick this year. I didn’t do that much for it I had the usual Christmas dinner at home with my family and himself. It was quiet but nice to be all together. I think everyone this year has been talking about how much they ate over Christmas something about it this year no one can stop eating myself included! Its all the dinners, puddings and then biscuits, chocolates, crisps and snack food comes out and there is just something irresistible about them! Quality Street chocolates are definitely my weakness! I got some really great gifts including a new office chair which I am thrilled with because its exactly what I wanted for my room! I will post a photo to my Instagram soon but I will leave the link here to it. My favourite though is my gifts from Himself which were a beautiful silver bracelet and diamond earrings! I feel very lucky indeed! 2017 balloons pinterestThen last night for NYE we had dinner for my granddads birthday who is still going strong at 86 and putting us all to shame with his energy and motivation to do things. It was family and himself for dinner which my dad cooked (he literally stressed himself so much over it even though he chose to it haha) and then we watched Graham Norton which was hilarious. He had three Irish guys on it including Michael Fassbender who is from Killarney too funnily enough a few doors down from Éimear! He also had the O Donovan brothers who won silver for Ireland in the Olympics for Rowing and they are just so funny. Its great to see Irish people going off and doing well for themselves and in this case for Ireland too. We finished the year with our tradition of watching Jools Holland Hootenanny and toasting the new year with a glass of Champagne. There is something about New Years that I love. I think its the start of a whole new year where anything can happen and you can start over leaving the negatives in the previous year and bringing the positive memories with you into a new one.

I am quite pleased with myself that I did complete a good few of my goals for 2016 and I have a few new ones for 2017 which are:

  1. To spend a little less and be a little wiser on what I spend it on. I tend to use my discount at work on almost anything that I like so from now on the question “Do I need this?” will be thought of before because I have so much stuff that I buy and never wear so it ends up on Depop after months of sitting in the wardrobe!
  2. To post more regularly on here. I have been very quiet over December and I know I have said this before but this year I have a plan for blog posts and to have ones on a regular basis as opposed to now when I have one here and there every week or have one and then go a week and a bit without one so this year I will be writing more!
  3. To be a bit more social and active. I don’t usually go on nights out except for every month or so (sometimes less) so I want to be more social and go out with the girls more and have our usual fun. In terms of being active I definitely need to start walking or something after all the food so I want to get into an active routine to keep me fitter and to have more exercise in my life. With a dog (soon to be two) that shouldn’t be too hard to go walking!

So thats really everything from the last month and my resolutions for now. Again my apologies for my silence through December but I have posts drafted now and ready to go so I am back! I hope you are all enjoying the first day of the year I know that I am as Im having such a lazy morning in my dressing gown and slippers haha. From tomorrow onwards I will have a brand new puppy in the house! So I have three cats, a dog, a new (very playful) kitten and now I’ll have a puppy as well. Its going to be a busy house for my family!

Speak to you all soon

Ever Yours




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