Christmas Gifts : Last Minute


Hey everyone I hope you’re all well and getting organised for Christmas which I cannot believe is only a couple days away! Todays post is just about some gift ideas if you’re still looking for something to get your mum, your girlfriend, your brother, boyfriend etc so I hope this post helps you out with some ideas! I have virtually all my christmas shopping done which I have surprised myself about because I honestly got everything sorted in like a week. I found some really cute bits on my present searches too!zoeva-brushes-pink

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set zara-denim-sheepskin-jacket

Denim and Sheepskin Jacket – Zara


Iphone 7 in Gold –


By Savvy Square Terrarium – Asos


Timeless Roman Numeral Wall Clock – Gilded Hound


Ted Baker 4 Mini Fragrance Set-Ted Baker


MAC Cosmetics Eye Palette Cool Neutral –

So those are just a few ideas for your last minute Christmas shopping. I hope that you are all looking forward to the Christmas days to come and that you have all your shopping sorted by then! I must apologise for my lack of posts the last week or so as I have just had a good bit going on in the run up to Christmas with work, my own christmas shopping, passing my driving test, my birthday the week before last and its all just keeping me busy! Don’t worry I’ll be back with posts just before Christmas and just after.

Merry Christmas!

Ever Yours



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