Good afternoon everyone and a very happy Thursday to you which happens to be the day after a special Wednesday for me as yesterday was my birthday and I turned the big twenty one! I literally cannot believe how fast this year went that its already my birthday and coming up to Christmas! So todays post is just a little bit about what I have learnt in 20th year and how I’m feeling about turning twenty one!img_1086

One thing I have learnt over the last year is that this quote is definitely true. Sometimes you have to give up and let go for something great to happen. You won’t find what you’re looking for if you’re constantly stressed looking for it everywhere you go and sometimes you wait for something to happen for what feels like forever and all of a sudden when you stop searching so hard for it and putting all of your energy into it it can find you and take you by surprise with how fast and well something can develop. I myself have experienced this in the last year since around last December. This year has definitely taught me that if you don’t take a chance and see where something goes you will never know where it can take you and what can happen for you. Sometimes it feels like an eternity waiting for something for happen for you and in my experience the wait was definitely worth it for me! So if you feel like something is impossible and that its never going to work out for you always keep your head up about it and know that whatever it is is waiting for you just around the corner it just takes a little time for you too meet it sometimes but when it does you’ll appreciate the chance and experience even more.

This is another quote to live by and I think you should always seize an opportunity to try something a little out of your comfort zone. Wether its an opportunity at work or whatever I think you should always say to yourself “I will try my best and see what happens”. I actually had an opportunity at work this year to get involved with a responsible role which I was thinking about for a few months and eventually I just went for it. I was kind of putting myself of for a good while thinking “I am really interested in it and I think I could do it well but Im going to mess up in this area so I wont go for it because I cant do that part” and eventually I decided to just go for it because if you never try you never know! It ended up that I didnt get to work in that role but its alright because at least I tried and I did my best and sometimes things arent meant to be in the end but as my nan says “You cant win it if you’re not in it” So if something about a new opportunity to progress scares you then thats a good thing because I think it shows you’re passionate and want to do everything in the best way and get good results and with everything you stumble now and again but dont let the mistakes go to your head and just take a lesson from them and try again.Pinterest Balloons

Im excited to see what the next year of my life brings to me and what lies ahead. I dont exactly have a plan for this year neither do I ever really have a plan for anything! This year though Im going to start planning things a bit better and set myself a few goals to get completed! I have definitely thought of a few options in the last year like going back to Galway for another course, seeing if theres any fashion related jobs I can do in England maybe. Im just keeping my options open for now and seeing where life may take me.

Ill be back later one in the week with a post on what I got up for my actual birthday and in my celebrations over the weekend with friends so I will speak to you all soon!

Ever yours



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