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Lily Atkinson Beauty

Hello everyone I hope that the week has treated you well. You may have guessed from the title that todays post is a big enough haul of Newlook’s remade and re-launched make up and beauty products that include so much more than the first lot of beauty they have had for the last year and a bit. They have everything from professional make up brushes to different hair products. They have seriously upped their make up game and I am definitely impressed. As you are all well aware I am not a contour, eyeshadow, highlight or tan kind of girl but I do like the basics that I use everyday so I basically picked up variations of things to test out and I swear I will definitely be trying out contouring before the year is out! Eyeshadow is something i have never been into so that may take a while longer haha. Lily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson Beauty

Blusher Brush//Foundation Brush//Concealer Brush//Black Cylinder Case Brush Set

I picked up a few basic brushes for foundation, concealer and powder to test out because they are something I use everyday regardless so buying a contour, eyeshadow, bronzer etc brush would have been a bit pointless because I never use or do any of those things so these three were ideal. They are so super soft and have such a good size brush for what you want to do with them. The concealer brush compared to my Eco-Tools brush is wider and a bit thicker which I think will give more coverage and will use less concealer because it will have more of a spread. These metallic grey brushes you buy individually so you can buy whichever one you need instead of buying a whole set that you may not use. The rose gold brushes how could I resist? Look at how gorgeous they are and the case they come in is so nice! They are really similar to Pennys brushes I will say that but they are just that bit thicker in the handle and they are matte black instead of a plastic black colour. Lily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson Beauty

Champagne Lipstick Colour//Dark Raspberry Lipstick//Orchid Matte Lipstick//Mulberry Matte Lipstick//Porcelain Liquid Concealer//Black Eyeliner Pencil//Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil

These lipstick colours are divine! The champagne is really light but there so much like sparkle to it so it would be amazing over a nude colour lipliner to add a gloss feel to a look. Orchid was a little bit pinker than I thought it would be but I still really like it on it makes a nice change from wearing a nude colour everyday but its not like a dramatic colour difference from it it just has more of a pinky tone to it. The mulberry and dark raspberry colours are so good! I love having a darker lipstick for nights out and these are just perfect. Dark Raspberry is a dark red but not deep deep dark red so its a nice lighter shade than what I usually wear. Mulberry is the nice darker tone that I would normally wear and I love it. They all last so long on too! The concealer is one that I have been meaning to try because Im just kind of sick of my Rimmel Concealer Stick that I have been using religiously for the last few years and lately I just find that Im not loving it as much so I wanted to try out a liquid concealer to see the difference and I am loving this one so much. It has such a nice texture to it so its not too heavy and it lasts all day really well so I think this is definitely my new favourite! The eyeliner and eyebrow pencil I am really liking as well again they have such a good long wear and are a really good colour and product.Lily Atkinson Beautyimg_1026Lily Atkinson Beauty

Gloss Top Coat//Nude Nail Polish//Gel Black Nail Polish//Get Set Nail Spray//Glass Nail Files//2 Pack Beauty Sponges//

Im sure you are all well aware by now that I am obsessed with having white nails all the time for everything so while I’m waiting to get white nail polish into the store I opted for a normal gloss top coat, nude and gel black just to change it up every once in a while. I really like the nude colour but to be honest its not exactly right on me but I have yet to wear it properly and Im so used to white nails that any other colour looks strange so Im just going to have to get over the colour difference! Black nails are something I used to wear all the time when I was younger but over the last few years I only ever do my nails black rarely but its a good change sometimes and its a colour Im used to again (Im so adventurous with colours aren’t I? haha). The nail spray is something I bought last year and its definitely handy to have if you have to emergency top up your nails before heading out so its definitely one to try out! Beauty sponges are something that I have never used before and am not fully aware on how to use but I started using them for blending my concealer and its so good for getting it all even and flawless so Im very glad I picked these up! The refresh and prep spray you see in the photo I actually bought by accident I meant to get the fix make up setting spray so I will let you know how I get on with that now that I have exchanged them! Lily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson Beauty

Cleanse Makeup Brush Cleaner//Refresh & Prep Skin Energising Spray

So thats literally everything from my beauty haul (which I apologise for being so long) this week from Newlook and you can see everything they have to offer including body washes, hair products, tanning products, skin scrubs, nail care, false nails, perfume etc over on the website and in our store!

I wil have a short post up later in the week on the perfume as well just on the new bottles and packing and it will be my second Newlook perfume post since my first one in 2014 which has been a massive hit with you guys so look out for it!

Ever Yours



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