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Afternoon everyone! I hope you are having a relaxing and chilled Sunday. The first Sunday of November I cannot believe how fast this year is gone. My birthday is only thirty two days away and I still cant believe it came around so fast! Todays post is just about two beauty products I have been using lately which I am obsessed with! If you use either of these yourself let me know what you think of them too!Lily Atkinson Currently UsingLily Atkinson Currently UsingLily Atkinson Currently UsingLily Atkinson Currently UsingLily Atkinson Currently UsingSo I picked up this foundation the other day because I was actually searching for the Matte BB Cream that I couldn’t find so I bought this thinking it would be virtually the same and its actually so much better! I wanted to buy the BB Cream for Portugal but again I couldn’t find it and ended up buying the BB Cream not in matte and to be honest I tried it out at home and I hate it. It just doesn’t sit well on my skin and flakes off whenever I go to apply it and literally rubs off while you’re applying it so I definitely won’t be using it. Im sure it works for some people but not for me. So I found this one the other day and I kind of expected it to be as bad but Im so thrilled at how good it is! Its a matte mousse so its a thicker consistency than my usual Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation and the coverage is amazing! It literally makes you look flawless. I tried it out yesterday on my day off and from 11am I went swimming, sat in the hottest steam room, showered and even at 1am it was still perfect on. Literally no oily patches, no flaking, nothing it was like I had just applied it. I literally just had some primer, the foundation and my usual powder on with no concealer or anything. So I am definitely giving this a 10/10!

So I picked up this eyeliner pencil to try out some eye make up trick and honestly I am obsessed with it. I had a fear of eyeliner from my teens when winged eyeliner was a massive thing and every girl applied it in a thick line above the lashes (myself included) so I have avoided it since! My new favourite eye make up look is to use this pencil to put a thin line literally from the middle of your lashes just down to just before the corner of your eye and it makes such a difference to your lashes. Im probably really late in doing this but its so handy. That one subtle black line on your upper lash line really makes your lashes look so much thicker and almost like you are wearing false lashes. It also make them look longer! You need to put it right down by your lashes though otherwise you’ll have a gap between the liner and your lashes. This pencil is so easy to use and to correct unlike a pen which is harder to adjust if the line goes wrong. Just use a brush to alter your line and tidy it up if you mess it up a little. Its a pure black colour which is perfect!Lily Atkinson Currently Using

Thats it from me today I hope you are all having a good weekend or looking forward to it if its not yet wherever you are in the world! I hope you’re all fully recovered from the Halloween break! Speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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