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Afternoon guys! Todays post is all about some home decor accessories and pieces that I have been obsessing over lately! I know I have mentioned this about a hundred times already but I have some serious plans to completely re-do my bedroom and I have recently had confirmation that it will be done by the end of the year! So I am already picturing everything I want changed and exactly what I want it to look like when its finished even though I have no clue when this work is being done or how long it will take.

I will just quickly explain to you guys why I am so excited about my room being done up why I have wanted to change it for so long. I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with my room here at home because even though I love having a room at home that I can literally put anything I want into it and change it however I like I still hate the shape of it because its mostly all corners and different angles and its just so hard to re-arrange anything in the room because of it. Literally the wardrobe I have can only be in one place because there is beams in the ceiling that stop it going anywhere else so no matter if I move anything like the bed or my shoe shelf it always ends up exactly where it was because its so hard to re arrange things. You also may have noticed that I never take photos in my room of outfits or anything around because

  1. I made a very bad decision when I was about 13 to paint certain walls in my room red and leave others white because I saw it in a Home Decor magazine my mum had and thought it was so cool (I was wrong).
  2. I have only one window which is a kind of small sized Velux window in the ceiling in the area where my desk is which is actually further back than the rest of the room so there is literally only about 4 hours in the day for good lighting in only half of my room.

But now it is definitely being re-done I have a really specific look for the room and it is definitely going to be Monochrome with rose gold, silver and also green false pot plants to add colour in around the room. Im planning on getting a new bed, a new desk, new shelves and a new desk chair and then everything else will stay the same. The wardrobe and my chest of drawers for example will stay wooden because they cant be painted or anything so I think it will add a nice feature to the room to have a couple of wooden pieces to break it up.Pinterest Home

See similar here on Littlewoods

One thing I definitely have my eye on is one or two faux fur rugs for my floor. I have one already but its one my parents had before me so its kind of old now and its not really white its more of a cream colour so I would love a black one for when you just walk in the door and then the white one almost beside my bed. My floor is a wooden floor but its more of a wood and plastic mix so its not boards and it can be a slippy in places if you’re in socks and my office chair moves around it so I have a few rugs to cover it at the moment and also because when its Winter its nicer to step out of bed onto a rug than onto a bare floor! I also want maybe a monochrome regular rug for my desk area just so my chair isn’t straight on the floor and to have under the desk too. I found one here on Littlewoods Ireland in four colours and in three different sizes and its such a good price and virtually the exact size I want. Im not buying anything yet though for now Im just collecting links and ideas.


Similar Bed Here On Amazon UK

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 Table Lamp Available Here

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Similar Here At Primark

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Available Here At Not On The Highstreet

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Available Here On Etsy

Thats it from me today I hope your week is off to a good start even if it is Monday today! I hope you enjoyed todays post and all the links to purchase any pieces are under the images. Some of them are not the exact items but I have found some similar ones for you. Speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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