Oh Portugal

Pinterest QuoteAfternoon everyone! Happy Thursday to you and I hope you all had a good week since I last posted. I definitely enjoyed my week as I was away in Portugal with Himself and I literally cannot get over how fast that week went! We were there for eight days Sunday to Sunday but obviously two involved travelling so I dont think they count! It was such a great week away and we did a good few things while we were there. We couldn’t do too many things as his leg is still healing from his soccer accident a few months ago but we managed! Now were back in Ireland braving the rain and autumn air.

img_0715Lily Atkinson PortugalLily Atkinson Portugal

For our week away we booked in the Ondamar Hotel Apartments which were so nice. The staff were so helpful and friendly and it just had such a nice location and the apartment was just what we needed and had a great view of the outside pool which was definitely a bonus to wake up to! Its located right in-between the new town and the old town so you had a choice of the two which were only a few minutes away. The old town I adored because its just full of white washed buildings and good restaurants against a blue sky with  the beach right beside it. IMG_0692.JPG

Tuk Tuk Taxis in the Old Town (really fun to use by the way)

Lily Atkinson Portugal

Family Photo Sculpture in the Old Town


Outdoor Pool Area at Ondamar

Lily Atkinson Portugal

Night View of the Outdoor Pool from the Bar

We had such a good time in Portugal and saw so many interesting things. We found a couple of great restaurant one of which had the best burger I have ever had. It was a gourmet burger so it came with goats cheese and caramelised onions (I know some people find goats cheese sickening himself included but it was so good). We spent a good few days wandering around the old town just looking at restaurants and shops and enjoying the weather. The weather was so good while we were there. It was around 22/23 degrees which was a bearable heat unlike if it was in the thirties. We had one dull day but thats all so we got lucky with the rain (unlike my holiday to Spain last year). It was so nice to just get away from Ireland for a while and not have to deal with the stuff that everyone deals with all the time like working or home stuff etc. It was so nice to spend time with himself as well especially after his soccer accident a few months ago now he’s virtually back to himself (with a crutch helping him along) so its a little sad coming back to the cold Irish weather and reality again! In a move very unlike myself I got only two outfit photos from the whole week and they were both at night in the apartment mirror so I have none to show you! It was all things that you have seen before and will definitely see again!


Hey there Ireland

So that is my post on my little week to Portugal which I still cannot believe went by so quickly. On my first day back in Ireland I was already missing it! I hope you are all having a good day and talk to you soon!

Ever Yours



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