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Lily Atkinson Visual Merchandise

Good afternoon everyone and happy Saturday to you. Todays post is one on a table display I did in work recently which I posted to Instagram a little while ago and you all went mad for it so I thought I would show you what exactly is in this layout and what products I used and of course the links to view them on the website with the prices and official descriptions!black-quilted-chain-bag-newlookblack-faux-fur-pom-pom-beanie-newlookkhaki-suedette-strappy-tie-back-heels

Black Quilted Chain Bag//Black Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie//Khaki Suedette Strappy Heels

These three pieces are big at the moment especially the khaki heels. Khaki is such a great colour or Autumn and goes with so much! People love these shoes in store which are also available in black. They are really good at bringing a pop of colour into a darker outfit so if your wearing any black or type of grey it adds a nice pop of colour. As you can see from the photo they are a little bit darker in person than in the websites photo. The bag I chose for this table because its really like a Chanel bag so its a really good piece to have for nights out or anything going out because its deep enough to hold make up, phone etc but not for an everyday bag. The hat I thought was a cool edgy effect to the tables theme kind of like a Kylie Jenner – esque feel to it with the pom pom beanie dressy bag and khaki shoes so its like dressy but casual which is definitely her style. black-suedette-strappy-tie-back-heelsblack-leather-zip-side-glovesgold-gem-stone-stretch-bracelet

Black Suedette Strappy Heels//Black Leather Zip Gloves//Gold Gem Stone Stretch Bracelet

The silver bracelets in the image are actually gone from the website but the gold stone ones are new in so they are there and they are in store too as you can see! So the finished result is this layout which I aimed to keep in a punk princess trend that is in store. Punk Princess is basically blacks, khaki, dark grey and deep reds and includes chokers, faux fur, leather, gold, lace, cross style accessories so if you imagine Kylie Jenner in an oversized Yeezy t-shirt with a beanie hat, plain Chanel shoulder bag and a cropped pointy toe boot with a gold choker or bracelet watch and deep red lipstick its that kind of style basically. Its casual but with dressed up pieces. img_0513Lily Atkinson Visual Merchandise

So that is my post for today and its the last proper post Im going to have for the next week because I am off on my travels to Portugal! You can follow along my holiday over on my Instagram where I will be posting photos of what I am up to! I cant believe I’m finally going it was months ago Himself and I booked it so its come around so fast! Talk to you soon!

Ever Yours



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