Evening everybody and a happy Thursday to you all I hope you are all eagerly awaiting Friday and of course the weekend too. Todays post is a short one on a particular day in the Evanna Lily calendar and that is the anniversary of the the blog!

This day three years ago I had been living in Galway for about a month and a bit and had the idea to start a fashion blog while studying retail and from my little rented bedroom in Salthill I created Evanna Lily. It has definitely gone through some changes over the last three years and my posts have definitely developed over time and even now Im still learning all about blogging. My little blog is literally something that started as an interest of mine and become a major hobby and passion for me and I have changed it around and developed my blogging style so much over the years and I am so pleased with my little creation.

Evanna Lily is not a massive fashion and lifestyle blog, Im not paid to do any posts so its not like a job for me as a way of earning money even though I have collaborated with websites and brands over the years I have only been paid once for a post so Im not sponsored or promoted in anyway besides my own social media, Im not living a great comfortable and shopping filled lifestyle buying on trend and gorgeous pieces from a hundred different stores or shooting stunning outfits and looks in a scenic location every other day I am just a 20 year old girl living here in Kerry in Ireland just showing you some affordable, wearable and versatile pieces from everyday brands and stores to share my interests and inspiration for everyday fashionable outfits and looks that I hope you all get some ideas and inspiration from too. I know that I can go a bit quiet on here sometimes and I guess thats just because I don’t have something new in my wardrobe on a regular basis to show you guys and to post about so Im still working on gathering content that is different every time and getting posts up on a regular basis to bear with me on that one!

So what I will say is that Evanna Lily has a long way to go and probably won’t ever stop being changed here and there but thank you to everyone who has followed and taken interest over the last three years wether you followed from the start or just recently but thank you for your support even if its just reading a post now and again! Heres to another year!

Ever Yours



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