Velvet Fever

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Morning everyone and happy Wednesday to you. Were halfway through the working week now so Friday is nearly here! Todays most is on a very popular new trend which is Velvet. Velvet is making a comeback and is definitely back for a while and is available in so many different forms. Velvet chokers, tops, dresses, bags and even shoes. So heres a few pieces out there available now.Zara Velvet DressZara Velvet TopZara Shiny Velvet Sweatshirt

Velvet Dress in Mink//Pink Velvet Top//Shiny Velvet Sweatshirt

These three pieces are from Zara and are stunning and all around €20.00! The velvet dress is so pretty because its a nice neutral sort of colour so you could put almost anything with it either dressed up or down. It definitely has a nineties vibe to it so you could go with that and wear a choker and simple heels or a long line necklace and flats you could easily wear it either way. The top again is simple yet versatile. It can be easily worn over jeans or cigarette pants with heels or flats. The sweatshirt I love because its suppose to be slouchy and comfortable but still makes a simple at home look that bit more interesting. I love the shimmer in it too it really adds a nice detail to it.Missguided Choker Neck Crop Top GreyMissguided Longline Velvet Bomber in NavySquare Neck Velvet Cami Dress

Velvet Choker Neck Top and Skirt//Longline Velvet Bomber Jacket//Square Neck Cami Dress

All these velvet pieces are from Missguided and as usual really good pieces! The first is a choker top and skirt co-ord that are sold separately so if you’re looking for the to click “Top” in the description underneath the picture and likewise for the skirt. Its a space grey colour and great for nights out. I really like the built in choker affect on the top its so cool. The second item is a longline navy velvet bomber jacket which I am just in love with the colour. I myself am no way able to wear longline jackets because I am not the tallest of people so this would never suit me but the colour is just fabulous and for anyone who can wear longline bombers I am very jealous of you! Last is this burgundy velvet dress with a square neckline. Obviously you would want to wear a bralette or even like a little boob tube inside it depending on what you’re comfortable with but again I love the colour and the fact that its so versatile.KRAZY Pointed BootTopshop Thick White Velvet ChokerTopshop Crinkle Velvet Blazer

Krazy Pointed Boots//Thick Velvet White Choker//Crinkle Velvet Blazer

The last three pieces are from Topshop and are just amazing. I am in love with these velvet pointed boots and are priced at €50.00 but as most things with Topshop are well worth the price! The choker is €10.00 and is the perfect accessory because its velvet and its a choker which are all the rage and are a must have item this season. Its a thick style so its that bit more interesting than the thin style ones. Lastly is this green crinkle blazer which is available in sizes UK 4-12 so act fast if you want this! Its a little pricey at €89.00 but its so stunning. Its a really nice shade of green their own description of the colour is Jade so its a nice change from Khaki thats in at the moment.

Thats all from me today guys so I hope you’re having a good week and I’ll speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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