Black Bralets

Afternoon everyone and happy Wednesday to you. I hope the week is off to a good start. I will start by apologising for my radio silence the last week and a bit but Im back with a new post and that is Bralettes. A bralette is actually such a great thing to own. I bought one a couple months ago and I am almost obsessed with them since. A bralette is a bra obviously but its not the same animal as a bra. A bra usually has wiring and moulding in the cup to give you ultimate support and keep everything exactly and firmly in place. A bralette on the other hand still provides the support of bra but without such firm positioning. It keeps everything in place but doesn’t push anything higher up than it needs to be while being comfortable. They are a great purchase and really great for throwing under a t-shirt or a dress if you are small or average chest size. If you’re on the larger bust side then you would need something with a bit more support.

Missguided Lace BraletMissguided corded lace braletMissguided Ladder Front Bralet

Lace Bralet in Navy//Corded Lace Bralet//Ladder Front Bralet

These three are from Missguided and give you a sense of the range of styles there are around. The great thing about a bralette is that you can wear it as a top (within reason) so they are really great for nights out and also really good for taking that everyday t-shirt and jeans look and making it that bit more interesting. They are great for wearing under any low cut top or bodysuit if you’re not mad on showing too much flesh. A lace one is always really good for this because it adds a little detail which could easily be part of the neck line.  You may remember my favourite bralet from this post and how I wore it on a night out.

Topshop PU chain BraletTopshop Lace BraletTopshop Lce Detailed Bralet

PU Chain Bralet//Lace Crop Top Bralet//Lace Detailed Bralet

These three option are from Topshop and are all pretty and different. I love lace on clothes because it just adds more a delicate and dressy feel to something to simple. Lace is having a moment right now so you are bound to have seen it on things in many stores. Leather is also back so this first bralette with chain straps is right on trend too. The first and third options here are more of a top style so you wouldn’t really wear them under a top but the second option is more a bra style so you could easily wear that under a bodysuit or top or when it gets to that awkward Autumn/Summer stage when its too hot to wear a vest and jumper but too cool to wear just a jumper it would add a nice detail with the jumper just off the shoulder showing off the strap detail. Thats the great thing about them covered up or not they still make an everyday outfit that bit more interesting.

Thats all from me today and again sorry for my radio silence the last week and a bit! Ill be back soon with another post!

Ever Yours



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