Homeware: Latest Buys

IMG_0034Afternoon everyone I hope the week is treating you well! Todays post is just a catch up on my latest purchases of homeware pieces. I have been obsessing over homeware stuff for the last week and a bit and I have just gone a little crazy on getting all these like bits for my room when I really don’t need them! None the less I regret nothing and am happy with every single one of my purchases!IMG_9899IMG_9920IMG_0018So all of these homeware bits are mostly Newlook (I know you guys must be sick of me posting about Newlook products but because I work there its super easy and affordable to get things!) The first is this china white cup with Coffee And My Bed on it with black and gold letters. The only thing is is that it can’t be put in a dishwasher as the lettering won’t survive or a microwave because the gold letters will cause damage to the cup and microwave but other than that its a cute little mug that you guys went MAD for on Instagram! On the same day I bought this little False Green Plant which I loved the gold base on it. I picked up these bedsheets from Primark/Pennys a couple days ago and I love the monochrome print sheet (you are all well aware of my love for black and white!) and the other thing about it is that its reversible so you can have the black side inside the bed or the white inside. To be honest I would probably have the white side up more as black would look too heavy with my current wall colour. I also got a plain white one with a sateen stripe in it too because white sheets are just so handy to have. IMG_9975IMG_0028These two last items are possibly my favourites out of these. First up is this little false lotus plant in the cutest white base which goes so well with all the things on desk and is just a cute little detail to have in the room! Its also available in the same plant form as the gold base one but in the white base instead. Secondly and last but definitely not the least is this light up mirror. I have wanted a light up mirror for doing my make up properly (with what little skills I possess) for ages and I saw this at work and had to have it! It doesn’t include batteries when you purchase it but it only takes two regular AA batteries so they aren’t hard to find. Its a really nice light it gives off I know it looks a bit yellow here but thats because the photo is in daylight. Its good because it stands on its own or you can have it leaning against something you can put it literally wherever! Both of these are from Newlook in the homeware department and are available in out Killarney store!

Thats all from me today guys but I will back soon with a new post! Hope your day is going well!

Ever Yours




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