Latest Looks

IMG_9855Good afternoon everybody and happy Tuesday to you I hope your week is off to a good start. Todays post is all about my latest looks from two separate nights out I had last week one with the girls and one with the people from work. There are similarities between these two looks but worn differently both times. First up is my night out with the girls on Sunday night.


On Sunday night week before last Éimear and myself met up with Aoife (who you may remember from previous posts before) who has been abroad for the last year and after not seeing her for almost that whole year it is so great to have her back and we had a lot to catch up on! As we always go to The Kube we decided to have a change and try somewhere different and ended up in The Lane Bar as part of The Ross Hotel in Killarney and I got this Mint Oreo Choc Cocktail and oh my god. I would describe it like an alcoholic milkshake. Its made up of baileys, creme de menthe, tia maria, vanilla ice cream and oreo cookie. Its so nice and has such a good flavour! I will definitely have these in mind in future when I go out!

For my look that night I went semi dressed up. I wore a simple long chiffon side split top which I bought in a Newlook sale over a year ago. I wore plain black shorts with it and the split is a bit high and my pointed to boots. My make up was my usual simple make up look but I added a red lip using my Rimmel by Kate lipstick in shade 30. I dont usually go for a coloured lip I would wear a nude colour on a daily basis and on nights out because I feel safer with it but I love a dark winey red lipstick now and again. Especially when I’m wearing mostly black because I think its a nice colour to add into it. You may have noticed I am obsessing with plaits at the moment so this simple at the back plait is so easy to do and goes with everything dressed up or down.Newlook braletteNewlook extreme ripped high waisted jeansIMG_9844

On last Thursday night I had a night with some of the people at work and I wore a casual outfit that was just comfortable and not too fussy. I wore this really nice Lace Bralette and having not been mad on them I actually really like them. This one is really comfortable and goes so well under low cut bodysuits or tops. I wore it under the bodysuit that was featured in this post and the lace was just coming out from under the top so it gave it a nice effect. I wore the tops with these Ripped High Waisted Jeans which again are really comfy and because they are high waisted they make your leg look a bit longer which in my case is always a bonus! I also picked up this long line silver necklace which isn’t on the website yet but it is in stores. Its a nice like longline silver necklace with tiny diamante detailing on the two bars. One at the top which you can see and one on the very end of the necklace. I paired it with a thin choker and the same make up and hair look from the Sunday night and I was good to go!

Thats it from me today. I have a few posts to share so I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours




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