Currently Using Pantene

IMG_9770Afternoon everyone I hope the start of the weekend is treating you well. Todays post is a short one just about how I found the new Pantene Expert shampoo collection. I just picked this up in Boots Chemists on a whim just to try it. I bought this Hydra Intensify shampoo and conditioner as I am always using heat on my hair so it can always do with some help in hydration as its prone to split ends. IMG_9767IMG_9768IMG_9766In the description on the packaging it says that “the result is rehydrated hair that looks and feels velvety soft and smooth” and it definitely does. My hair felt softer after literally the first wash. So I definitely agree with that description! The formula actually smells so nice so you have a really nice scent off your hair afterwards too. It actually tells you to apply to the ends of your hair too which is great because that is definitely where my hair needs help! As I mentioned I use a lot of heat on my hair between the hairdryer, the straightener and the curler so as a result I get split ends so I like that this product is aimed at that specifically. The shampoo and conditioner are similar in formula as they are both a gold tone colour and rich. You don’t need a lot of it to wash which is great because it will last you longer.IMG_9769IMG_9765I would definitely recommend trying this out after using it. I am actually so pleased with the result and am glad I gave it a go. There are more to these particular collection including a Velvet Créme Infusion and a Hydration Mask. Along with these hydration products there is also an Age Defy collection and an Advanced Keratin Repair collection which you can have a look at on the website.

Thats it from me today. I hope you all have a nice Saturday planned for yourselves and I will speak to you soon!

Ever yours



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