Silver and Rose Gold

IMG_9667Hello everyone and happy Monday to you all. I hope that the weekend has treated you well wherever you are in the world. Here in Ireland we have converted back to some greyish skies and the rain has made an appearance after a couple weeks of amazing weather! Todays post is on a new purchase I have made that I adore! You will probably recognise the silver ring which I mentioned before from a previous post but today I am talking about the new version of it which I bought today. IMG_9680IMG_9668IMG_9687So I bought this silver linked heart ring  a couple of months ago and (I know I sound a little crazy now) I feel like since I bought it I have had a bit of luck in my life. If you don’t know I literally cannot go a day without wearing a ring. Ever since I was young all the way through primary and secondary school and college I wore a simple little ring everyday and then I moved to wearing two midi rings everyday and then to four rings and now Im back to one again. The silver ring I have worn everyday and since then a few great things have happened for me (which I literally thought never would) so Im definitely not getting rid of this one anytime soon! As it is silver though it can cause a tiny clash with other jewellery if I wear gold but I found this rose gold version and I had to have it!IMG_9663IMG_9689IMG_9666I just adore how simple and pretty they are. The silver is actually made out of sterling silver which is great because it means it won’t go copper after a few wears and leave a nice green mark around your finger. The same with the gold as it is rose gold plated so they will hopefully last a really time.

Thats all from me today and I hope you are all prepared for this Monday and all the usual post weekend vibes that come with it. Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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