Wedding Wear

Wedding Wear


Afternoon everyone! I hope that the week is treating you well and that you are having weather as nice as we are here in Kerry because it is glorious. The sun has been out all week and its so nice to see summer here at last!  So today is my final outfit post on my options for the wedding and it is in fact what I actually wore to the wedding! This Polyvore set is the basic stuff that I wore but there are one or two minor differences. IMG_9475Newlook black front wrap bodysuit - newlook.comNewlook pleated sport skirtSo I had the black version of this skirt in the first part of my outfit posts but I decided that as it is summer all black is a little bit boring so I decided to change the colour of the skirt just to brighten it up a little. I adore this skirt on and its such a nice shade of pink. Matched with the bodysuit and the fact the elasticated waist is also black it basically looks like a dress. Its a simple look that I loved and Im happy I made this outfit choice for the wedding! IMG_9533Lily Atkinson Primark BagLily Atkinson Newlook HeelsSo these four items are the minor differences from my Polyvore set. These two bracelets I have had for literally ten years if not more and they are a bit worn and not in their perfect condition but I have had them too long to get rid of them! The diamante bracelet I wore on my ankle I think was from somewhere like Claire’s Accessories that I bought for a Halloween or something when I was about eight or nine. The second one that I used on my upper arm was originally a mood bracelet but I literally wore it everyday for about four years and it just got worn and the plastic coating came off but it still looks alright to wear. The bag I used myself is actually a bag I bought in Primark about a year ago and its good sized one you can fit so much into it. I used a similar Newlook version in my Polyvore set for anyone looking for a bag like this one. Its the same story with these shoes. I bought them around the same time as the Primark bag for a difference event so I added a similar pair to the Polyvore set.
IMG_9451I just went basic for my make up again as always (for some reason I always manage to take selfies before putting lipstick on?) and the same for my hair. I just left my hair in waves and pinned the sides. My hair is slowly getting back to its natural colour now. After I dyed it for about six months last year with a reddish colour its finally almost gone.
So thats my look from the wedding last week and Im glad I went with this one! Remember is you want to see any pieces click the icons underneath the very first image and it will take you straight to the item description on the website.
Ever Yours

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