Wedding Bells

IMG_9503Afternoon everyone and happy Friday to you. I have been back home in Ireland for a few days now and I have to say coming back to this weather is such a good welcome home because it has been absolutely stunning here in Kerry! The summer is officially here and we are all so glad to see it! So as you all know from my previous posts I was in England for my aunts wedding last week and it was so good. The weather there wasn’t great compared to Ireland the last week but it was still good enough. The actual wedding took place on the Saturday and we landed late on the Thursday night so we had the Friday to prepare for it with all the decorations and set up for it on the Saturday so thats basically what we spent our first day doing. IMG_9353IMG_9360IMG_9358IMG_9357The wedding party was held in a marquee in a friends garden as they had the capacity to host it so we spent Friday decorating and helping out with a group of other people to get the place ready for Saturday and the decorations were so cute. The lace jars were brought for putting candles into at night time and they are such a sweet little idea. They are so easy to make yourself as well. There were places in the house that were decorated with Ivy from the garden too along with it being in the marquee. In the marquee they had fairy lights looped in with the leaves to go on at night when it was darker and it was so pretty. There were other decorations like paper pom poms and bunting too which were in the house to dress it up with the marquee.IMG_9468IMG_9469IMG_9474So Saturday arrived and so did the big day and after about seventeen years it was so great to see them finally tying the knot! I remember when I was small asking when I was going to be a bridesmaid and when they were getting married but they never did until now! I still wasn’t a bridesmaid as it wasn’t a formal wedding but I’ll let that go haha. My aunts dress was stunning. It was a gorgeous pale blue with this beautiful lace top and sleeves. It was a classic simple dress and not a traditional white wedding gown but was so beautiful. She added some vintage red shoes to her dress to keep her retro vibe and they did the job well! After the actual ceremony we went back to the house to the marquee and there was a buffet of really good food and a good bit of Prosecco and the party just carried on until all hours!IMG_9473So heres to the happy couple who finally tied the knot after all this time and after 17 years and two children still seem like when they first met each other. After a good bit of Prosecco and dancing surrounded by family and friends they officially became husband and wife.

Love is definitely the word I would use to describe the week I was in England. I have witnessed and felt it from the happy couple to people in my own life back in Ireland and it honestly is one of the best things you can have in your life. Love really is the best.

Ever Yours



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