Something Pink

Pink Lace


Hello everyone and happy Wednesday. Today is the day before I head over to England for this wedding Im attending this week so here is my third option for my wedding guest outfit. So I mentioned this dress in my last post  and featured it in the light blue colour so here it is in pink and a little bit about how I would style it.
Newlook lilac floral flounce skater dressNewlook Lilac floral flounce dressNewlook Lilac floral flunce dressAs I mentioned in my previous post the lilac and blue colour options of this dress are completely sold out on the website but there is the mint and white versions available online and also in stock in our Killarney Newlook store! So in my Polyvore set above I have kept it pretty simple so Im going to go into more idea and detail on here. I would add a thin white belt around the waist to pull it in a bit as it is a skater dress so its not suppose to be tight to you but I like the belt with it to add more of a shape to it. The lilac is actually more of a light pink than a purple in the flesh so its easy to add colours to.
white-lace-3d-flower-frame-clutch-Newlook White floral box clutchmulticolour-iridescent-snakeskin-print-frame-clutch-
These are a few options I had in mind for a bag for the look. The first one is what I have used in the Polyvore set and it is a 3D effect floral clutch bag. Its a good size and has pink tones in it that would match in with the dress. The second option is a slightly smaller bag which is a box style so you can fit a few things into it. Again it has the 3D floral effect but in a simple white colour. The third is my own personal option as I actually own the multicoloured bag and I have to say that is the best bag. It is roomy inside and the holographic print means it goes with everything. Literally everything because it picks up any colour around it.
Lily Atkinson Newlook Shoes
newlook leather ankle strap sandalnewlook white court shoe
These three types of shoe are my person options again as they are my favourite pairs. The top pair I have had since November and I love them! They are literally the most comfortable shoe to wear. I think because the ankle strap is wider it just makes it more comfortable as opposed to the ones below that image. The second black pair I love too but I will admit after several hours they do start to irritate a little. I have them as an option because they are just that bit more elegant than the first pair. The last pair are my favourite white court shoe and they just go with everything. These would match in with the white belt and white bag too. They aren’t too high either which makes them comfortable to wear for ages on end. Something Pink Lily Atkinson
So thats all from me today guys. As I mentioned I am off tomorrow so I have a few posts ready to be posted as I probably won’t have much time to do them in the next few days so stay tuned for my chosen outfit and I will talk to you all soon!
Ever Yours

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