Something Blue

Blue Lace


Good afternoon everyone! Here is the second part of my options for this wedding in little just over a week! My last post was on the black skirt I bought for it so this one is a different look. Its more of a summery colour and makes a change from all my black clothing! So in this set I have just gone quite simple with the dress because I didn’t want to drown the colour in other bits. This set isn’t exactly true to how I would wear it but its pretty much the jist of it!
Newlook Mint Green Flounce Florak Skater DRessNewlook white floral flounce skater dressNewlook lilac floral flounce skater dressNow I have checked back on the website and unfortunately the Blue and Lilac colours are now sold out completely but there is a mint and white version available if you are interested in this dress. The dress is a skater style so its not like a body con around the waist it has a bit of room in it so I have styled it with a thin white belt to pull in the waist a bit more. I also own the Lilac colour and I have done the same with that one. The lilac one I will have in the next post as its part three. This dress is gorgeous on and is such a nice dress for an occasion like this. These dresses are priced around €29.99 excluding delivery if you order online. They are available in our Killarney store t00!
Newlook White Leather Ankle Strap HeelsBlack leather strap heelsIn my Polyvore set I have these white heels put with them as I think the blue and white go nice together and make it more of a summer/spring look. I dont own the white shoes myself but I have these black ankle strap heels (They are last years stock so not available anymore) and they go really well with it. these shoes are honestly the most comfortable shoe to wear! You can find the link to white shoes by clicking the shoe icon under the very first image in the post! I have matched simple accessories with this dress I have the pearl beaded clutch bag in this set as a cute dressy accessory but I myself have two different bags to pair with it. One is a boxy white clutch and the other is a holographic bag which you can see here
IMG_9292So thats all from me today. I will have my part three of my outfit options up in the next few days so stay tuned for that! I hope you are all having a good week and I will speak to you soon!
Ever Yours

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