Choker Trend


Hello everyone and happy Thursday to you. I hope the days have been treating you well since I last posted. I know I have been a little quiet but I have a few posts to share with you starting with this one all about my attempt to join in on the choker trend which has come around again! The last time I wore a choker was back in 2014 when they were a bit of a thing at the end of the year and after re-wearing it I am in love with them all over again! Here are my newest ones which I picked up at work yesterday.


So we have these two which are PU material so like pleather instead of an actual leather. The top one is a plain pleather one that is just nice from the one that I have been wearing all week which is a velvet kind of material from two years ago! I just like plain simple chokers that can go with everything for any outfit during the week. The second is a plaited pleather choker which I thought would make a change from the standard squared shape. They are priced at €3.99 and €4.99 so not bad on the purse! Because why pay mad money for something simple you could get anywhere at a better price?


So these two are cute ones that are again simple but nice. The first is a grey laser cutout choker in suede material. I like it because its not black and because it has such nice detail on it. As much as I wear black in clothes I think it is the most versatile colour and cant go without a bit of it in day to day outfits! The ribbon one is cute because its thinner than the rest and just that bit daintier because of it. I like how the material is a touch shiny as well makes it look more delicate and sweet. These two are priced at €4.99 and €2.99


So thats todays mini purchase post! As I said I have a couple of posts to share with you over the next while and I also have a wedding coming up in three weeks which isn’t a formal fancy wedding but still a dressy occasion so I will have some outfits to share for it! I already have two optional looks ready to wear and you can see them over on my Polyvore! Speak to you all soon!

Ever yours




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