Personal Favourites

 Good afternoon everybody. Todays post is just about my essentials for day to day life for all my looks. They are all easy to get and find in stores and as usual affordable too! They are all nude colour based (besides the perfume obviously) so if you are into neutral colours then I think you will like these! They are all different brands and I literally could not live without these!

First up is this Gel Polish from Newlook in Biscuit colour. I have been looking for a nice fleshy coloured nail polish for so long and I picked this one up one day at work just to see it and its about a month later and Im still using it! Within a month of using it I think I have only had to redo it about twice. Its a really nice tone because its not too dark and not too light. You can see it on my nails in the photo above.img_8885img_8886img_8887img_8890
Next up is my essential Maybelline Tantalizing Taupe lipstick. I literally love this nude colour. I have the matte version aswell but this one is my favourite because obviously unlike a matte its got a shine so it just looks that bit wetter and fresh. I originally bought this a few months back but I had to restock it about a two weeks ago and they have changed the packaging since I bought it last. It goes really well with this No7 lipliner I picked up a while ago. The lipliner is really smooth on and its a good nude tone under this lipstick. I originally only used to use it under the matte colour lipstick but I found hat it works well with this one too because it brings out the colour a bit more.img_8880img_8882img_8883-1Lastly we have my favourite perfume Sí by Giorgio Armani. I got this as a Christmas present and I have fallen in love with it. I wouldn’t wear it every single day and not really to work but for nights out and just meeting up with people outside of work I definitely would wear it. I love how pretty the bottle is because its simple and chic. The scent itself is gorgeous. If you come across one definitely try it out because its a feminine scent but also not sweet but not dark. I am not expert when it comes to describing perfume scents so Im sorry if Im not help at all!

Ever Yours



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