Otters and Other Things

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Hello every and I hope your Friday is treating you well. Todays post is just a catch up of what I have been up to lately which is a couple of fun things mostly out and about in Kerry. So starting at the start we will go all the way back to just after Easter (which Im still eating my way though).

On the Tuesday night I went to see Sing Street in Tralee cinema. We originally were going to see the Batman vs Superman movie and it was sold out so we randomly chose this as it was on at the same time and we had gone all the way to Tralee so it would have been a waste of time to just go home again so we chose this. I had only seen a trailer for it once and didn’t know anything about it and I absolutely loved it! Its an Irish comedy film based in Dublin about a teenage boy in the 80s who creates a band to impress a girl while dealing with his family and school problems and its just great! Its a really good Irish, funny film with music from the big 80s bands like Duran Duran that inspires the teenagers band music. I definitely recommend seeing it because it really is so good!

IMG_8856A couple days later we ended up at Ross Castle here in Killarney after having dinner in town, We were there for about 30 seconds and I managed to get this photo before we headed back to the car because the wind was freezing! I haven’t been to Ross Castle in a long while and the last time I was there it was night time! It was a dry day but the wind was so cold we literally walked up to the wall of the castle looked out on the lake and left!


Last Saturday we took a trip up to Dingle to go to the Aquarium because they have a couple new exhibits and one of them is Otters so I was not going to miss the chance at seeing them. The otters were seriously the cutest things and you can see them sleeping in the above picture. I had the cutest video of them all playing on my snapchat but the video never saved to my photos! They also have two small crocodiles, spiders, lizards and a snake. The penguins are a popular attraction too and clearly not against photos being taken judging by this one! After we had lunch in The Diner and their BBQ Supreme Pizza is so good by the way. After we just did a little walking around and enjoyed the bit of sunshine even if the wind was cold. Then we took a drive through the mountains where the view was stunning but I unfortunately didn’t get a photo!


So now we are in the month of April and its time for another new start. The end of March ended with some interesting developments so who knows what April has in store. I always love the start of the month because it feels like a new beginning and you can just restart every month no matter whats going on. New energy, new plans and new days to live and learn from. So I know Im 6 days late but happy April to you and heres to a new month!

Ever Yours



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