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Afternoon everyone and happy Sunday to you. I hope that this Easter Sunday is being good to you and that the Easter bunny has left a few things for you today. Todays post is about my new obsession which is bodysuits. I literally bought one a couple weeks ago and I have just been collecting them since!

Pink Cowl Neck Long Sleeve BodysuitGrey Ribbed Scoop Back Bodysuit

Pink Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit//Grey Ribbed Scoop Back Bodysuit

These two are my recent purchases and are both from Newlook (I know what a surprise that they’re from Newlook) and I love them both. I have another which is a plain black v-neck wrap one as well which I wore last Friday night. I like these two because firstly they make a change then just wearing black all the time (even if the second one is grey which I also wear a good bit) and secondly because they are such good styles. The first cowl neck bodysuit is a nice one for nights out or dressing up and fits really well. The cowl neck is a nice design and Im not mad on low neck or really low cut tops but this one is more of a subtle low  neck. It also looks really nice with the necklace from my last post. The grey scoop back bodysuit I literally bought a couple days ago and its really nice on. The style of it is casual enough and because its a scoop back and the neck line curves in wearing a bra isn’t the best option with it but there are plenty of ways to get around that! I cant wait for summer so that I can actually wear it normally instead of wearing a bomber jacket literally all day at home because its not that warm!

Lace Up stripe bodysuit MissguidedTab Neck Sleeveless Bodysuit MissguidedMissguided Plunge BodysuitKendall Jenner

Lace Up Stripe Bodysuit//Tab Neck Sleeveless Bodysuit//Slinky Plunge Bodysuit

I have three bodysuits selected here from Missguided and they are all stunners. The first one is just a little over €30 and right on trend with the stripes. You can see it here on the stunning Suzanne Jackson from SoSueMe. I love they way she styled it with the lace bralet underneath! The second I chose because it reminds me of Kendall Jenner’s jumpsuit from her birthday party so you could match this with black trousers and jeans and you almost have the Kendall Jenner look. The third I like because its simple but so classy. The white is handy because it goes with everything so any colour jeans, skirts, shorts etc. It would be great for nights out and holidays as well because its halter neck and is similar to a swimsuit you can just wear it for anything. I wouldn’t recommend actually swimming in it but for lying out and then throwing a skirt over it or something to go for food. This one is the same price as the striped one as well.

 Nastygal Jenna Plunging Lace BodysuitJenna Plunging Lace Bodysuit NastygalRare London The Swing Of It Fringe BodysuitNastylag Swing Of It Fring Bodysuit

Jenna Plunging Lace Bodysuit//Rare London The Swing of It Fringe Bodysuit

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous with bodysuits then these two are a good way to go. These two are from Nastygal and are two very different styles. The lace one I like because anything with lace looks so much more elegant and pretty. You would obviously want to stock up on some breast covers to wear it but it would be so nice with a white midi skirt, or for a dressy occasion. The second is this fringed bodysuit which is really cool. It would be great for a festival like Coachella or Capital FM’s Summer Time Ball. For anyone that doesn’t know the Summer Time Ball hosted by radio station Capital FM is an outdoor music concert they have for two days in the summer in London with usually 7 different artists and bands on each day. These two pieces are priced around €43.00 and €61.00 without shipping prices.

Retro Cami Bodysuit in Stripe ASOSNaaNaa Mesh High Neck Bodysuit ASOSA star is born irredecesent sequin long sleeve bodysuit ASOS

Retro Cami Bodysuit//NaaNaa Mesh High Neck Bodysuit//A Star Is Born Irredescent Bodysuit

These last three are all from Asos and are all varied in price and style. The first is a nice casual one and is again on trend with stripes. Its a nice summer one and could be worn with any jeans or shorts. You can also alter the straps on it which is a handy feature. Its priced just under €20 too. The second is a good one for causal and for dressing up for a night out. The nude colour is great because it makes a change from black or white. I am always wearing black on nights out (and to work a majority of the time) so I really do have to start buying more colours! Its priced around €35. The third I really like even though its a little expensive compared to the others is this sequin bodysuit. It looks like a designer piece like Balmain so it would be cool for any night out or dressy occasion. It is around €84 but it is a gorgeous piece.

So thats all from me today guys and apologies for my radio silence! I hope easter is treating you well today and you take it easy on all the chocolate!

Ever Yours



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