Simple Things

Lily Atkinson Simple Things

Good afternoon everybody and Happy St. Patricks Day to you wether you’re here in Ireland or abroad or just celebrating the day with us Irish somewhere in the world! Sorry for my recent silent streak I have just been so busy with work and things which I will fill you in on later on so I have been so tired the last couple of days (I had to be at work at 6am on Tuesday so I was up at 4:15 to get a taxi at 5:30 and he was late. Typical.) but I am back with a post on my newest little accessory purchases. As you all know I am a big accessories lover especially when it comes to displays and visual merchandise for them. As I am head of accessories at work in my local Newlook its my job to keep it all tidy and sorted. You might have seen this on my Instagram from posting pictures of the bag wall that I have done on different occasions. These pieces are mostly Newlook but I have some Primark pieces too.

Lily Atkinson Simple Things

Multicolour Iridescent Snakeskin Clutch

This bag I bought a couple weeks ago after one of the girls at work had it on a staff night out and I actually loved it. We have had these bags for the last couple of months at least but I never really looked at them properly besides working out what way and where they go on the bag wall but since buying it I love it. The holographic colour (is holographic classes as a colour?) actually goes with everything. The light changes its shade from like purple to blue to greenish to a silver shade so its really versatile that way. It also has a thin gold chain shoulder strap that you can hide in the bag and use as a clutch or hang it from your shoulder.

Lily Atkinson Simple ThingsLily Atkinson Simple ThingsLily Atkinson Simple Things

Cat Eye Tortoiseshell Frame Sunglasses

I am always looking for the perfect sunglasses. Most of the ones I buy end up sliding down my nose as they are too big for my head, end up being the wrong shape because of the fact I have a small head, and I nearly always buy black ones because its the easiest colour to go with everything but I wanted a pair that were similar to my own regular glasses which are a tortoiseshell shade and the same style as these but not cat eye. I like the gold detail in the tortoiseshell on these glasses I think it goes in really nicely. I look forward to actually being able to use them this summer if the sun visits Ireland this year!

Lily Atkinson Simple ThingsLily Atkinson Simple ThingsLily Atkinson Simple ThingsLily Atkinson Simple ThingsLily Atkinson Simple ThingsLily Atkinson Simple Things

8 Pack Midi and Regular Gold Rings-Primark//Sterling Silver Linked Heart and Diamond Rings-Newlook

You are probably all well aware of my obsession with rings at this stage so the fact that I bought more shouldn’t be too surprising! If you dont know though I basically live in rings. I have ones that I wear everyday virtually and I always wear about five of them on my left hand. Two on my ring finger, one midi ring on my index finger and one of my thumb. People always ask me why I wear rings on my ring finger because some people find it a little strange that I am twenty with rings on my ring finger but I just wear them there because I like to. I am not married and I am definitely very far from it! The gold rings from Primark are a mix of regular rings and midi rings but because I have slender hands the regular rings end up being thumb rings and the midi rings end up being regular rings but can also work as midi rings. The two silver ones are from Newlook and are so pretty. They are a little big to wear on my ring finger but work well on my thumb or index finger. These are a size small and small from any shop is always too big on me! Lily Atkinson Simple ThingsLily Atkinson Simple ThingsLily Atkinson Simple ThingsLily Atkinson Simple Things

White Iridescent Disc Necklace

I bought this necklace yesterday on a whim to go with a nude bodysuit that I was also buying (more on that later) and I actually love it. I put it on last night with the body suit and a couple other things and it goes so nicely with so much. I love the white iridescent stone in the middle. The way the light hits it gives it such nice colours the same way the light hits the holographic bag. I love that fact that its so simple yet so detailed and pretty. You can see this and everything else in this by clicking the links underneath the photos!

So thats it from me for today and I hope that the week is treating you well. I also hope that you are having a nice Paddys Day and that you are enjoying the festivities wherever you are in the world wether you’re Irish or not!

Ever Yours



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