Mini Treats

Afternoon everybody I hope your week is off to a good start. Todays post is just to let you all in on what we got up to on Mothers Day this year.

Every year Aghadoe Heights have a Mothers Day Buffet in the restaurants that you can book for your mother or as a family to enjoy and this year we went again as we hadnt been in a few years. We took my grandparents along as well to celebrate my Nan on Mothers Day too. The food was amazing! The food in Aghadoe Heights is always good but I definitely could have done with a stretcher by the end of it!

They had a great Starter selection that included things like Ceaser Salad, Pasta salad, Smoked Salmon, Quiche, Meat and cheese platters and Cous cous salad. The meat platters were so nice and the pasta salad was delicious. The Salmon was amazing though! It wasnt a massive amount of salmon it was cut slivers of it and it was so good.

The main had different options of Pork, Turkey and Roast Beef or Salmon and Mussel Roulade with the options of roast potatoes, saffron rice, mash potatoes, mixed vegetables and dressings of mustard, sweet chilli sauce and my all time favourite Tomatoe Relish. You can see my plate was a bit full in the photo above from everything! The pork was delicious especially with the relish (which was beyond amazing). The saffron rice was absolutely divine too. There was such nice flavour from it! And it was cooked to perfection. 


Blackcurrent Panna Cotta//Bitesize Chocolate Mousse Cup//Vanilla Panna Cotta//Tirimisu

Lastly there was dessert where I definitely got my moneys worth! I opted for four of the desserts (which weren’t massive by the way) and I was not disappointed. My favourite dessert has to be Tirimisu. I just love it along with Creme Brûlée. I had never tried Panna Cotta before and I was actually pleasantly surprised. It is kind of like the middle of a creme brûlée but a bit thicker. The mousse cup was small but very good and the tirimisu was just the best. I always love the presentation and detail of the food at Aghadoe Heights because it really is such great presentation.

So thats all from me guys I shall speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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