For Mothers Day

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Afternoon everyone I hope the week is going well for you. As Mothers Day is just around the corner I wanted to share some gift ideas with you as to what you treat yo mamma with this year. My last Mothers Day post still has some items that are still available to purchase on it and some creative ideas if you want to have a look at that too.

Mother Day Hair StylingOne gift that definitely wouldn’t go to waste is a voucher for the hairdressers or a beauty treatment. Wether its for an actual hair styling session or for beauty or nails its something that your mother will enjoy. Its a little self treatment that she can use whenever she wants. One place to get vouchers for is Sean Taaffe’s where they have great service and treatments. You can see all they have on offer here. I always go to the Killarney store when my hair is due for a trim and my mother is a regular there as they always get her hair exactly the way she likes it and the service is great. I think its a great thing to treat your mum to as its something she probably doesn’t do for herself that often.

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Alex And Ani Mom Charm BraceletAlex And Ani December Birthstone BraceletAlex And Ani Celestial Necklace

Mom Charm Bangle//December Birthstone Charm Bracelet//Sagittarius Celestial Wheel Expandable Necklace

One gift that never gets old is a simple bit of jewellery. Be it just a pair of earrings or a special necklace its something that is a special gift. Take these Alex and Ani pieces that I have here. Alex and Ani have a stunning range of pieces to choose from for friends, mothers, grandmothers, sisters etc and each piece is so detailed and special but still simple enough to wear on a daily basis. Each charm and piece has its own individual meaning and energy which is another reason why these are special pieces. The first one I have is the Mom Charm Bangle which for Mothers Day is pretty apt! The meaning behind this bangle is generosity, heroism and love. It has a Peony Flower charm which represents healing and bravery. The second is a birthstone bracelet which obviously represents the birthday month but also happiness and fortune. I am a December baby and I think that the stone is beautiful with a silver or gold finish. There are all the other stones on the website too so take a look at them! Finally the necklace is just stunning. Its a Celestial Wheel of star signs (this one is Sagittarius) and it has the pattern of the stars. I think this is such a nice touch because its really a personal thing as its their star sign. This one gives the energy of loving, honesty, sincere, and big dreamer. Of course the meanings change depending on the star sign and charm!
Contrast Mini Messenger Bag ZaraCity Bag With Fastening Detail ZaraChain City Bag ZaraMetallic Detail Leather Cross Body Bag Zara

Contrast Mini Messenger Bag//City Bag With Fastening Detail//Chain City Bag//Metallic Detail Leather Cross Body Bag//

Lastly I have a few bad from Zara which are so nice. They look really expensive and even designer but are all at great prices. They are great for everyday use or a dressier occasion. The first is a cute black shoulder bag which is such a nice shape and is different from your everyday shoulder bag which is normally square or big. The second is a bit bigger which I like because I love a big bag as I always have so much stuff with me! I love the white too. The third reminds me of a Chanel bag but at a fraction of the price so I chose it as its a nice dressy bag. I think that the blue is my favourite out of these here. Its available in three different colours over on the website so take a look! There a tonne of great bags on the website so definitely take a look at what your mother might like!

Thats it from my today and I hope you got some inspiration from here! Ill check in with you all again after Mothers Day to talk about what we got up to for it. Happy Mothers Day in advance!

Ever Yours



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