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Tick Pick post 1Afternoon everyone and happy Wednesday to you. Todays post is going to talk about showing team spirit with style, and where to get tickets to your favorite teams games! Tick pick is a great resource for finding tickets to any event you want! Just to let you know a bit about TickPick they are a marketplace where you can buy, sell or bid on tickets with no hidden fees. What you see as a price is what you pay at checkout. You can also negotiate with the ticket sellers about what price you are willing to pay if its too high for you!

At the moment they have college basketball tickets available (but also offer NBA and NFL tickets) on their website and even though I am not American or know anything about American sports besides my days of watching One Tree Hill (mainly for Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty though) I am going to give it a go at some basketball fashion support.

One Tree Hill

One team I am aware of is the Los Angles Lakers and I know that their team colours are Royal Purple, Gold and White so with these three colours in mind I found some colour co-ordinated pieces to wear at home or heading to a game. Im going to use known basketball teams for examples because I am honestly clueless about any college teams or more than two or three teams!

Deep Plunge Knitted Mini dressMini Duffle HandbagCrop Bomber JacketCroc Slip on Skater Pumps white

Deep Plunge Mini Dress-Missguided//Mini Duffle Bag-Boohoo//White Crop Bomber Jacket-Boohoo//Croc Slip On Skater Pumps-Missguided

So this simple look represents all the Lakers colours with them all tying in nicely. I opted for a small amount of purple just to keep it simple and work with the white and yellow more. So the main thing is this knitted dress from Missguided which can we worn casually with the white flat plimsolls also from Missguided. The Bomber jacket from boohoo is an on trend touch and can be worn with anything. Bomber jackets are a massive thing at the moment so purchasing one is definitely a good idea and also because they are so comfy and handy to have! The bag adds a nice pop of colour to the look and brings the team colours together in a subtle but supportive way.

Super Stretch High Wasited JeansPeep Hole Crop JumperMinimal Bucket Bag

High Waisted Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans//Peep Hole Crop Jumper//Minimal Bucket Bag

This look I have based on the New York Knicks colours Orange, Blue and Silver. So its again a subtle but colour coded look. The whole look is from Missguided and works together really well. So the blue I have in the form of the high waisted ripped knee jeans which are on trend as well at the moment with the colour and the fact that Denim is a big thing at the moment. I have paired it with the peep hole orange crop jumper which is a cool edgy piece and can be worn casually and dressed up. I think it goes well with the blue and shows off the two colours. There is a matching skirt with it on the website too. I have put a grey bucket bag with this look to show off the silver and I wanted to add a plain light grey baseball cap with it but I couldn’t find one at the time! Just imagine this look with messy straight hair and the cap representing the New York Knicks!

Hustler Zipped Skinny JeansLong sleeve v-neck bodysuitPonte Bomber JacketNewlook white trainers

Hustler Zip White Skinny Jeans//V-Neck Red Long Sleeve Bodysuit//Black Ponte Bomber Jacket//White Trainers-Newlook

This final look from me is based on the Houston Rockets colours of Red and White with some black thrown in too. So this is more Khloe Kardashian court side style as we saw her supporting Lamar at Laker games so many times with some great casual but cool style and I feel this is her sort of style. Its casual but dressy with some flirty tones. The white jeans are really cool with the gold zip detail and would be great for parties and nights out and go so well with the V neck red bodysuit which I love because it looks so nice. I recently purchased my for bodysuit and I think I may be hooked! They are so handy because they go under shorts, pants, jeans and skirts and create a different look each time. I paired these two key pieces with a black bomber jacket and white trainers because I wanted the look to be casual not dressed to the nines in 6 inch heels. You could add a baseball cap again or a jersey with the jeans too! The whole base of these three looks is that they are versatile and can be deconstructed and worn for anything at anytime!

Tick Pick Post 2

So remember for tickets to games or concerts or anything you like head over to TickPick for good prices and great deals! Dont forget to check them out for College Basketball Tickets as well to see what great deals you could get! Big thanks to the guys over at TickPick for getting in touch! They are definitely a website worth checking out!

Ever Yours



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