Denim Dreams

Lily Atkinson JeansAfternoon everyone on this sunny Spring day here in Kerry I hope the weather is picking up where ever you are. Todays post is about Denim and the perfect jeans. I am constantly on the look for the perfect fitting jeans. I have so many pairs but they’re not the ones if you know what I mean. The grey pair I mentioned in my post Stiletto Boots and Fur Collars are my most loved pair as they fit so well but I am still looking for the perfect black pair. For some reason I always find that even in my exact size in waist and leg they are always a little bit too big somewhere. The waist doesn’t fit properly or the leg is wide in some places or the leg is too long so Im still searching. As denim is a big trend at the moment I thought I would share some inspiration on how to wear it gathered from my Pinterest board Denim.

Denim Dream 1Denim Dream 2Denim Dream 3Denim skirts are a big thing at the moment especially with buttons all down the front so here are three examples of denim skirts that you can wear yourself. The first one you can find a look alike on Topshop which costs €42.00 and you can shop it by clicking here. The second is a really popular one at the moment and everyone is after them. You can also find this at Topshop for €40.00 and you can see it by clicking here. The third image is one I just love. I love the distressed detail on it and the light shade of blue. You can get your own version of it from Forever21 here for €25.00. There are so many ways to wear denim depending on what you like.

Denim Dream 5Denim Dream 8Denim Dream 11Denim Dream 13Denim Dream 9Denim Dream 6Denim Dream 10Denim Dream 16Denim Dream 15

Theres a million ways to wear it (preferably not like Britney and Justin though there are limits) so its great to experiment with it. Jeans are something that everyone will have weather its skinny jeans, bootcut, a jegging or simple straight leg everyone owns a pair. I think that denim is a lot more versatile than people think. These images are a great example on how you can wear it.

So thats it for today really. I hope that you have had a good week and are ready for Friday tomorrow! Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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