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Hello everyone and happy Saturday. As you are all well aware by now tomorrow is February 14th which of course means its Valentines Day which is either a great or not so great day for you. My last two posts have been gift inspiration for her and for him but todays post is for all you single people out there. As I mentioned I have happened to have always been single for Valentines and this year is no exception. I have never even received a card or a note for it never mind an actual gift so this post is a little easier for me to write as opposed to the other two because its something I know a good bit about. Being single.

If you are single on Valentines day theres normally three things that can happen:

  • You hate the day with a passion and actually feel annoyed with the sheer mention of it never mind having to put up with all the promotions in the shops
  • You feel more alone than usual and find yourself feeling jealous and slightly upset with every couple you see even if you have no idea who they are
  • You’re not bothered by it in the slightest and its just another day for you.

If you are one of the people who experience the third example than I applaud you because I am normally the first and second. I will hold my hands up and say that I have not had many relationships and haven’t been too lucky in my love life with short romances ending suddenly and to my disappointment so Valentines day was always a day that I wished I could be a part of in a couple. When I was younger all I wanted was to be in a relationship and to be able to say that I had somebody of my own as everyone else seemed to be getting their first boyfriends but as I am getting older I am learning that its not such a bad thing to be single. Over the last year I had a few ups and downs with romance especially towards the end of the year and I have learnt that enjoying your own company is important. Its always good to take time for yourself and to just have you time. Even if its just sitting in a cafe reading a book on your own its nice to sit and enjoy being by yourself. Of course being on your own all the time isn’t too healthy so make sure you have nights out with friends and family too.

For Your Quote Time

One thing I have definitely learnt is that you cant force things. You cant force feelings, you cant force emotions that aren’t there whatever happens happens and thats the way it goes. If something doesn’t work out thats just the way it is. As the saying goes “If it should have it would have” so if you have recently gone through a break up then don’t stress too much. It might seem bad now but there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you. Another thing I have learnt is timing is a funny thing and that good things happen unexpectedly so seize every opportunity and see where it goes. You never know where something might lead even if its not meant to be in the end. You learn from every experience.

Being single is something I have always been a majority of my life and it is something that has always got to me. If you read my post Growing Pains from last year then you will know all about my self confidence issues growing up and these still get to me when a relationship ends. I end up wondering what I did, where I went wrong, did he care at all, all the questions that go through your head when you go through a break up and I have realised that the best thing is to just carry on. You can have your time to cry and take it all in and recover from the initial shock and hurt but after that pick yourself up and keep going. Obviously after a relationship there is some healing to be done so allow yourself time to just move on and learn to be by yourself for a little while before diving into another relationship. As someone who has recently become available again (and so close to Valentines as well what annoying timing like?) I can tell you that just getting on with everyday things is a big help. It keeps you distracted and stops you from feeling to sorry for yourself!

For Myself

In the end Valentines Day doesn’t really mean anything. Having said that would it be nice to receive something on Valentines and take part in it? Sure it would but if you’re not with anyone than take that day for yourself and treat yourself. Don’t get me wrong there are times being single sucks and if you are single for long periods of time (like myself here) then there are always days that get to you but don’t worry. There is the whole of the rest of your life to live yet and Valentines is only once a year. Being single isn’t a big deal if you don’t let it be.

Have a great weekend whatever you’re up to for it! Wether its with romance involved or not enjoy the day!

Ever Yours



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