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Hello everyone I hope you are well and ready for the weekend now that the week is nearly out. Todays post is my second Valentines day post and its all about gift ideas for him. As I mentioned in my previous post For Her I have happened to have always been single on Valentines Day and so never had to buy anything for a guy for it so writing this was a little bit trickier because it involved a bit more research! So I hope you find it useful and that you find some inspiration from it!
Porsche For HimPorsche Boxster For Him

One idea that I had in my head was a driving experience. A majority of guys have a soft spot for cars wether they know anything about them or not so I figured this was a good gift to look into. Mondello Park in Kildare is the only international track in Ireland and has a range of experiences you can look into. They have race cars, supercars, prodrifting and motorbiking. They currently have a deal where you can get two driving experiences for the price of one exclusively for Valentines Day! They have three different Porsche vehicles to use and the prices range from €119 to €149.

ASOS PYramid studded watch
ASOS watchTopman WatchTopman Watch box

Asos Pyramid Studded Watch//Topman Black and White Watch//

These two watches would make a great gift for any man because they are simple yet stylish. The first is a black watch from ASOS which has a studded detail face which you can see more in the second image on the model. It has a hard strap so it is durable and its price in €35.21 over on the website. You can see the full details by clicking the link under the images! The second watch I chose is from Topman and is such a nice piece. It has a leather strap and a simple white face which I really like. I think both of these are great for a guy because they can wear them to work and then for dressier style on a night out as well. This one is €40.00 and again can be found at the link above.

Chocolate Cigar SelfridgesSmartphone Projector NOTHS.COMLED teak cube alarm clock NOTHS.COMDisileria Bottega Gold Presecco Slefridges

Venchi Chocolate Cigars//Smartphone Projector//LED Teak Cube Alarm Clock//Disileria Bottega Gold Prosecco//

These are a few different gift ideas just to add a bit of variety to the post! The top left idea are Venchi Chocolate Cigars from Selfridges which are just a change from the everyday selection box or choice in most stores when you go buying chocolate. They retail on the website at €40.00. The second one I think is a really cool idea and definitely one to consider and its a Smartphone Projector. So you sit the phone in the end of it and it projects out onto a blank wall space or where you want it. I found this on Not On The Hight Street where they have a million different gift ideas for everyone and anyone so definitely have a look on there if you haven’t been on there before! This projector is €23.93 excluding delivery cost. The third item is also from Not On The High Street and is an interesting alarm clock. Theres three different ones that I spotted on there this one, a different wooden one and a grey cube one as well so if this one doesn’t interest you then have a look for the other ones on there too theres loads of choices for gifts on there! The last thing is this bottle of prosecco exclusively for Selfridges. Theres three choices on the website ranging from €34.50 to €69.00 and includes Rosé bottle and a Gold Magnum bottle.

So those are my gift ideas for him this Valentines day and I decided yesterday that on Saturday I will have another Valentines day post up dedicated to singletons and why being single on Valentines isn’t a bad thing or something to be depressed about so keep an eye out for that.

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