Stiletto Boots and Fur Collars

IMG_8378Afternoon guys. Sorry for the slight silence I have been busy with work the last week so I had to delay this post for a few days! So this post is just to catch you up on some of my latest purchases from Newlook and Primark/Pennys and also one from Tk Maxx. This may be my last purchases post for a while and Im planning on doing some major spending in February after Christmas and some spending done in January!
Lily Atkinson SnapchatLily Atkinson PlimsolsLily Atkinson PlimsollsSo I bought these thinking that I would be returning them because I never usually wear these types of shoes as Im not mad on round to shoes and because they normally fall off me but I liked the colour and style of them so I tried them and I love them! I basically live in these now they are so comfortable and handy for work. They go really well with grey, white or black jeans as they make the colour stand out as you can see in my snapchat photo above. You can shop these here where you can see many different styles of these. Lily Atkinson Newlook TopLily Atkinson Newlook Stripe TopLily Atkinson Light Grey JeansLily Atkinson Light Grey Newlook JeansLily Atkinson Light Grey DenimThese two pieces are also from Newlook and my new favourites. These jeans I cannot live without now. They are so comfortable and fit so well. They are part of the super skinny range which are always such a good fit. They have a bit of elasticity in them so they’re not like a second skin and you’re not fighting to pull them on which is great because they are easy to move around in for work. The top is also a great fit as it too has bit of stretch in it. The polar neck on some tops can be deceiving and really tight to get over your head to the point where half your face ends up on the inside of the top but this one is easy because of the stretch in it. When its on the top is fitted to you so it doesn’t loose shape from stretching it over your head.

Lily Atkinson Primark Workout pantsLily Atkinson Primark pantsI picked up these workout pants in Primark a couple weeks ago as I only have the quarter leg ones and its definitely not the warmest outside so I wanted to find long leg ones so I could start walking on a regular basis. Normally with these types of things they would be really long on my leg as Im not the tallest person as I have mentioned a few times! These however have a really good leg length on them and they fit super well. They are really fitted to you and are really stretchy for workouts. They have a handy pocket at the back to keep your phone in or whatever while your walking or running. I like the space grey pattern on it as well and I think its a very Kylie Jenner-ish style.

Lily Atkinson Cameo RoseLily Atkinson Cameo Rose CoatLily Atkinson Cameo Rose coat collarLily Atkinson Cameo Rose coat labelAnother purchase from Newlook is this Cameo Rose Fur Collar Coat which is not gone into Sale so have a look on the website for it! These coats went really fast in the store and its not hard to see why. Its is so comfortable and really nice with everything. The white fur collar is a nice change from all the browns and blacks that were around and it is also detachable so when it gets a bit warmer in Spring you can just take it off and use it as a plain light grey coat. It goes really nicely with the grey jeans and stripe top. The actual material is really nice because its a soft material and it has about a millimetre of padding which makes it that much comfier to wear.

Lily Atkinson Bebo BootsLily Atkinson Tk Maxx BootsLily Atkinson BootsLast but definitely not least are these Bebo Pointed Boots that I bought in Tk Maxx a few weeks ago in the Sale. I never normally see anything in shoes in Tk Maxx because I’m a size three and most places wouldn’t have that much in terms of sale but I spotted these and just fell in love. I was looking at a similar leather pair on misguided for ages but when they got reduced they were only available in larger sizes! I have worn them once only for a short time but they are so nice on. They are pointy toe which you all know I have an obsession with pointed toe shoes and they are a high ankle boot. They were under €20 too!

So thats all for today and I hope that the week is treating you well. Were are having such crazy weather here in Ireland and Storm Henry is on the way tonight apparently so I hope its not too bad wherever you are in the world!

Ever Yours



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