Watercolour Crush

Watercolour portrait by Reani

Watercolour by Reani at ETSY

Good afternoon everyone I hope that you are well this week. Todays post is just about some crushes I had this week and this one is watercolour fashion illustrations. I came across a few over on Pinterest while searching for some things and forgot how amazing they are. Not just watercolours but fashion illustrations in general. They are all so unique and have so much detail in them. I do a few sketches myself but nowhere near the standard that I see on Pinterest! I created a new board to share all my favourites with you guys which you can see here.

Life In Love at ETSY

Life In Love at ETSY

Golden Gowns by Katie Rodgers

Golden Gowns by Katie Rodgers

Silk Bows on ETSY

Silk Bows on ETSY

Carol Hannah Watercolour

Watercolour by Carol Hannah

watercolour by Anna Hammer

Watercolour by Anna Hammer

Watercolour by Carol Hannah

Watercolour by Carol Hannah

These images are all in my new Pinterest board along with many more illustrations of all different techniques. I just love how the watercolours are simple but so beautiful! There are so many different types around from watercolour to ink pens, to pencils, to using actual materials in the images like feathers for example. I will forever be jealous of anyone who is able to draw faces though! When I’m sketching I always put sunglasses in because the faces just don’t work for me! Especially the eyes I cannot draw them for the life of me!

Thats all for today really. A short and simple post but I just wanted to share these amazing artworks with you and let you know Im still alive and well despite my slight silence!

Ever Yours



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