New Do

Hair illustration PinterestAfternoon everybody I hope the week is treating you well enough. Todays post is all about my trip to Sean Taaffe Salon in Killarney yesterday to finally get my hair cut. I wouldn’t go to the hairdresser often but it was definitely an over due visit! Anyone who doesn’t know my hair is usually super long and it always has been long. I have never cut my hair short I just love having length to it. It  got to the point where it was starting to really annoy me so I decided that it was time and it had to be trimmed. So I popped into Sean Taaffe’s to see the lovely Marta along with Sandra who helped get it back into order!Lily Atkinson HairLily Atkinson HairAs you are probably all aware I use a lot of heat on my hair on a regular basis due to the hair dryer and usually the straightener. I also use the curler to make waves but in these images my hair here is in its natural curly state. So you can imagine the extra bit of length when its straightened! Due to all the heat the ends of my hair were mostly split so they really needed to go. You can probably even see it in the photos! Marta gave some great advice on what to do with it and we decided on soft layering on the side fringe and at the back because the ends were split the ends had created a V shape so they weren’t even. She also gave some great advice on some products for your hair. Basically you change your shampoo based on your hairs needs so if you have dry hair then you should use a moisturising shampoo until your hair gets greasy from it and then you change to one to control the grease etc etc which is great to know because otherwise your hair gets used to a product and it only becomes a quick fix solution to the problem you have with it. Lily Atkinson HairOnce Sandra had washed and conditioned my hair Marta started on the cut and looking at it there wasn’t that much taken off but it still makes such a difference to it! Sean Taaffe’s is such a nice salon and all the girls there are so friendly and nice. My mother has her hair done by Sean himself regularly and its not hard to see why everyone trusts him and his team to do it right. He has a few salons and barbers and also the academy where you can train in hairdressing so if your interested just click the link at the start of the post to find out more!Lily Atkinson HairLily Atkinson HairLily Atkinson HairLily Atkinson HairSo this is the finished result and I am delighted with it! It feels so much lighter and healthier and its way more manageable. Its a little bit strange not having all the length I had before but its still long and definitely nicer looking. Its so much softer as well now the split ends are gone. There is still the leftover dye in it which I am toying between re-doing or leaving to fade out but I am so glad that I decided on getting it cut. The length was at the annoying stage where it was always in the way when it was down and even when it was up it was still getting in the way at time even if it was impressive ponytail length!

So thats all from me today big thank you to Marta for helping me figure out what to do with it and thank you so Sandra for styling the waves!

Ever Yours



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