Little Details

Lily Atkinson HomeAfternoon everybody I hope the week is treating you well and that you are recovered after Christmas and New Years by now! Todays post is just a small one on some tiny new details in my room to start doing it up ever so slowly in preparation for it being completely redone in the Summer.

Basically my bedroom walls need to be redone and repainted so I am just getting the little things out of the way now so that I don’t have to bother with them later on and when the room is ready I  can set it up then and there the way I want it with all the things I have! First up I bought some small cushions for the end of the bed to go with my grey Primark throw (which many of you loved over on my Instagram when I first posted it). These two cushions are from Newlook and are at a great price!Lily Atkinson HomeLily Atkinson HomeLily Atkinson HomeLily Atkinson HomeLily Atkinson HomeThere are a few different ones available on the Newlook UK website which are really cute but I chose these gold sequin and gold pattern ones because I felt they would work best being more neutral tones with the grey and also because of my current wall colour. Next up I bought three of these silver frames which are so handy! They are slim enough and are definitely better than the old wooden ones I had previously! They are also available in Copper colour too. I have filled them already with photos of family and friends and one photo of the Eiffel Tower that I took when I was Paris which I have placed in a little Paris corner on one of my shelves! You can put them two ways either standing up or lying on their side too which is handy for landscape style photos.Lily Atkinson HomeLily Atkinson HomeLily Atkinson HomeLily Atkinson HomeLily Atkinson HomeSo thats about it on the home decor front for today. I have a good few new fashion purchases to post about from the last week or so and Ill will have that up soon. For now though thats my little bit of news on purchases so I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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