A New Year

Pinterest QuoteGood afternoon everyone and Happy New Years Day to you. I decided that I would do a post just reviewing the last year and what I have learnt from it and what my plans are for 2016 now that its finally arrived. Its scary to think its a whole new year especially since 2015 just flew by so fast! The last year has brought a few ups and downs and some lessons to go with them and I cant wait to see what the next year brings. There is also one extra day in 2016 as its a leap year!Lily Atkinson SpainLooking back at my resolutions from last years post I said that I wanted to be more confident in my self and I think I can say that I have achieved that resolution if not the whole way but a good bit! I think my style has changed a bit more too. I feel that instead of semi mimicking some of the outfits and looks I see at work or online from other bloggers and staying a bit safe with what I wear that I am starting to widen my style a bit which helps with confidence. So I think I am starting to become my own person rather than comparing myself with other women and trying to be a bit more like them. I have realised everyone is different in every way and that we are all out own individual self and in the words of Oscar Wild “Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Already Taken”Pinterest QuoteThis sentence could not be more true. This last year has had a lot of unexpected twists and turns both good and bad and over the last year some of them feel like a dream. Like they didn’t really happen and its all just imagination. Thats the funny thing about memories is that in a moment everything is so real and you cant imagine the future and when you look back you feel like you imagined it a bit. The last couple of months had some really unexpected things both good and bad instore for me and even now I feel like theres a lot more to come of both! Its a little strange to say but its in the last two months that I feel there has been a change in me because of these experiences. A good change that is! Over the last year I have made friends and lost friends even made friends that left my life as randomly and quickly as they came into it, reconnected with old friends that I realised had been dormant in my life for so long for a reason. From every person I have met over the last year I have learnt a small lesson from each of them and Im grateful for the it. As the saying goes “Everything Happens For A Reason”Lily Atkinson SpainOne of my resolutions  is to definitely start getting up earlier. My sleeping pattern is a bit all over the place normally and I end up going to bed way too late and getting up way too late. I normally get up around 10 or half 10 but when I do manage to get up at a time like 8 I always enjoy having so much time in the morning to get a load of stuff done before work or just so I can do other things during the day. Its so easy to hit the snooze button in the morning and just carry on having an endless hug with your duvet but there is no point in getting up at 11 and by the time Im ready to go to work or go somewhere its half 1 coming up to two o clock and I have missed half the day which I cant stand!

Another resolution is to really sort out my diet. I eat so badly almost everyday! I nearly always skip breakfast or end up going to work with a cup of tea and one slice of toast and end up starving half way through my shift. Then by the time Im finished work Im going home to dinner and then eating various different sugars for dessert. If I do get hungry when Im out I nearly always buy chocolate or crisps to snack on when I know myself I need an actual food like a sandwich or a take away salad. So Im going to start getting up earlier and having an actual breakfast to get me through work and Im completely cutting down on snack foods.Lily Atkinson Outfit 6 FourAs is the thing with a New Year everyone always has at least one or two goals for the year ahead so here are mine for 2016 and what I hope to accomplish this year so far.

  1. Now that I have my car I am working on having my full license before the end of June.
  2. I want to post more on here as the last few months I am fully aware that I have been a bit too quiet
  3. To go on a city break for a long weekend with some of the girls like Aleks as we have talked about it for a good while
  4. To worry less about what people think and to take each day as it comes. I have a tendency to completely over think things and to worry about all the negatives but the last couple of months have taught me to just take each day as it comes and whatever happens happens and you cant predict or control what happens in life so its best to just take each moment as it happens. 

Pinterest Happy New YearHappy New Years Day to you all and I hope 2015 ended on a great note for you and your head is not too sore from the celebrations! Heres to a whole new year and a new chapter in life.

Ever Yours



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