Lily Atkinson SpainHello everyone and apologies for my delay in posting this but I have been so sick all week and am only starting to feel like a human being again since yesterday evening! I just wanted to do a quick post about turning twenty and what I have learnt in the last year. It was my birthday on Monday the 7th and this year I turn 20 and I cant wait for what the next year has to offer. At nineteen you can still be classed as a teen even if you are legally an adult so Im glad to be joining the adult life even if a few of the conditions of being an adult scare me a little!

Over the last year there have been some ups and downs in my life regarding many different things but you always take a lesson from the bad and some great memories from the good! I won’t recite the whole year since last December to you as it could take a good while to get through so Ill just sum up what I have learnt in my nineteenth year of living. Pinterest Quote

This quote could not be more true. Everything in life happens for a reason and you take a lesson from it and you move on. Every negative situation and moment wether it be tiny or big teaches you something that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. You even learn from good experiences in life too from everyday little things or a great experience. Everyday we learn something new wether it be about ourselves and our abilities or about something else we are always learning. People teach us things without even realising and sometimes it takes us a while to realise it too but there is always a positive lesson in a negative situation sometimes you need to look for it for a while but you will always find one and life goes on with this new little piece of knowledge and positivity helping you be prepared for anything life throws at you over the years.

Live life at your own pace. Just because everyone else is doing something or has a few of their goals completed before you do does not mean that you are failing or that you have fallen behind it simply means that you just have a bit more to go. There is no point in rushing into something that you are not prepared for just so you can say that you did it. If you go at your own pace and allow life to unfold and work towards your goal everyday you will get there. If you are motivated and passionate about it and work for it then you will achieve your goals. Sitting at home talking about doing something and never putting in time doesn’t get you anywhere. So remember that everyone is different and we all work in different ways and have different ways of looking at our goals and how we can achieve them.Pinterest QuoteI have definitely learnt over the last year to just let things go. There is absolutely no point in obsessing over something every day for hours on end driving yourself crazy over it because your only torturing yourself. Sure negative things happen and for a while you cant help but think about them and what happened but holding on to all the negative energy and thinking of all the bad stuff is not good for your health and its a waste of time. If you stop and think of all the positives from the situation and count your blessings you will realise there is so much more important things to be thinking about. Don’t let anyone else steal your happiness because that is something that you have control over. People only make you miserable if you let them and if you do then you allow them to win. I know its hard to just let go sometimes but even if it takes a couple months or a year you will forget all those feelings and remember there is always great things waiting for you yet you have your whole life ahead of you so this negative experience and the feelings with it are only for a little while and the sooner you move away from those the quicker life can throw good things at you. Lily Atkinson LolaA pet is one of the best friends you could ever have and for the last 14 years out family dog Lola was the best friend we could have all hoped for. A pet teaches you so much about responsibility and is a great companion to have in a home. Our Lola developed Cancer of the mouth back in late July and unfortunately was a bit too old to fight it off. So before we headed for a Spain in August a few days before we made the heartbreaking decision to let her go to sleep. The house is definitely not the same since and no dog will ever be like her but we still have Cookie and we keep her entertained and vice versa!

Pinterest QuoteA good set of friends is the best cure for anything. All you need is a few best friends to call your own SATC (Sex And The City) girls and thats it. You can have a tonne of friends but its the best friends, the ones who are closest to you that matter most. You can always rely on them in an emergency small or large and they will always be honest to you about anything. They literally do have your back for anything and I dont know where I would be without my best friends Eimear, Aleks and Aoife. We may have times when we dont talk for a while due to our own busy lives and sometimes college/work prevents us from talking too often but whenever we do talk its like the last conversation never ended! I know for a full fact that these girls will be the ones who stay in my life for an extremely long time where as others may fade over time and people go their separate ways but I will always have these three!

Thats all from me for now so take care and I hope you have had a good week!

Ever Yours



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