Christmas Party

Eat Drink and Be Merry QuoteAfternoon everyone and happy Monday! Its a happy Monday for me as today is my birthday and I turn twenty. Im heading out for dinner later so Ill have my post on that up tomorrow hopefully but for now I will tell you about my Newlook staff christmas party that happened on Saturday night!

We had our party in The Brehon Hotel here in Killarney on a very wild and wet stormy Saturday night as we were still under attack from storm Desmond who decided to pay us all a visit leaving floods and damage all over the country but never the less we all dressed up and went out for our meal. Lily Atkinson Brehon HotelLily Atkinson Brehon HotelLily Atkinson Brehon HotelLily Atkinson Brehon Hotel

After we all managed to battle the wind getting in the front door we were seated for dinner. It was a small selection of three choices for two courses and one dessert. As the starter I went for a chicken salad with mango and avocado. The main I had beef with veg and the dessert was a yule log with meringue and strawberry sorbet. The food was nice enough and were good sized portions. Unfortunately there was a girl who had a restricted diet that cant include sugar or wheat and they had a very limited selection for her where she only had the choice of one starter consisting of plum, broccoli and beetroot and wasn’t offered any gluten free bread or any vegetarian or celiac options at all so she was a little bit hungry by the end of it. Besides that the meal wasn’t too bad!

Lily Atkinson Brehon HotelLily Atkinson Brehon HotelFor the night I wore a Studio21 white playsuit that I bought a good few months ago with an old belt and my new favourite Newlook heels. The top of the playsuit is a little bit big so I had to pin it in a couple places but it did the job! The snapchat photo isn’t the clearest but I had my hair is a loose top knot with strands at the sides. I basically had the same make up in my Galway post but I went for a nude lip using my Tantalizing Taupe by Maybelline. I also wore my Eyelure lashes again for the occasion. Lily Atkinson Brehon HotelLily Atkinson Brehon HotelWe all looked lovely on the night and had a great time in town afterwards when we headed into Killarney for a couple drinks and a dance. It was a great night and I definitely enjoyed myself even a little too much as I spent Sunday dying in my bed! I learnt my lesson though! This is my second christmas party with Newlook and they are such a lovely group of people to work with. Not all of us were there we were missing a few and it wasn’t the same without them all but we still had a good time even if the group was smaller than normal!Lily Atkinson Brehon HotelSo thanks to the girls for a great night and heres to the next year!

Ever Yours



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