My Make Up

Lipstick and ChampagneAfternoon everyone! Todays post is just a run through of my make up from Galway the other night for Aleks’ birthday party. You can see her post over on her blog on the night hereYou can also find links to her dress from in that post too! Lily Atkinson Eyelure LashesSo for the night I wanted a simple but different look to my usual make up for a night out. I opted for wearing some lashes which I never do because the effort of glue and finding ones that suit my eyes. I have quite big eyes and they’re quite round too so normally if I buy them I have to cut them a bit and they end up looking really weird by the end of the night. These ones I bought from work and they are the Eyelure Volume Lashes which were exactly what I wanted. I like ones that aren’t too big or madly obvious and heavy looking so these are a volume lash but they aren’t too big because they are a shorter length. You can find them almost anywhere from the website, Newlook, Boots, most pharmacies etc. (There is still a tiny bit of glue from wearing them in the pictures sorry!)Lily Atkinson Eyelure Lashes Lily Atkinson Eyelure LashesLily Atkinson Eyelure LashesFor my actual make up I used all my regular products that I use for nearly every night out. I used my Seventeen BB Balm Foundation which has such great coverage and goes on so well. I don’t know if it is still available as I bought it over a year ago and only use it for fancy occasions. I used all my basics with it like my Rimmel Concealer, my Max Factor Powder, my Seventeen Primer and I used my Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick too. The primer I could not live without. Its the best primer I have come across and I use it every single day! I adore this lipstick because the colour is so rich and is a really nice shade. It stays on so well too it does come off onto glasses when your drinking but your lips look no different. You rarely need to top it up during the night! I love a dark lip for a night out because I love how it changes your face. Obviously your lips become more noticeable but it also highlights your facial features.

Lily Atkinson 17 FoundationLily Atkinson 17 PrimerLily Atkinson Rimmel ConcealerLily Atkinson Creme PuffLily Atkinson Max Factor PuffLily Atkinson Rimmel LipstickI always like to keep my make up really simple because 1 I dont know how to do a lot of fancy stuff to change it up and 2 I just like simple looks. I don’t contour, I only do my eyebrows now and again because I cant find a colour that works because black is too dark and brown is too light, I rarely wear false lashes and I never use eyeshadow because I think experimenting with it in my younger years left me slightly traumatised! I like having a simple make up look for two reasons.

1 – It takes less time to do my make up and I dont have to deal with all the fuss of one eyebrow not being right or one of the fake lashes won’t stick on and you won’t have to spend an age removing it all in the evening. Contact lenses are enough to be dealing with!

2 – I think if you have the simple look down then you can look natural and still made up at the same time.

Everyone does their make up differently and knows what works for them and this is how it works for me. I applaud the people who contour everyday and are able to do it because I genuinely cant be bothered or have enough talent for it!

Lily Atkinson My Make UpLily Atkinson My Make UpSo that is my finished make up look which I saved from my snapchat. Its not the clearest photo because it is snapchat but you get the look. All of that was achieved with everything in this photo minus my contact lenses ha.

I hope the week is treating you well and I will be back with more posts as I have a Christmas party on Saturday and my birthday is on Monday! I shall hitting 20 so I will talking about what I have learnt the last year of my life and what I look forward to along with what I am up to for it!

Ever Yours





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