A Night In Galway

Besties quote pinterestAfternoon everyone and happy Monday. I realise I have been a bit quiet over the last week or so and Im sorry for the radio silence! Im back now and have lots of things to post about over the next month as it is only a day until December which is my birthday month, Christmas,several other birthdays and of course New Year! Todays post is just a short really on one of my best friends birthdays in Galway from last week.

So Aleksandra over at Fayette Maruelle turned twenty one last week and after two years of not seeing each other I finally managed to make my way back up to Galway to see her and enjoy her birthday celebrations with her and other college friends. Even though its a bit of a trip to get up to Galway from Kerry it was all worth it and Im glad I was able to go! I also managed to miss the Black Friday madness at work too which I have to say Im a bit relieved about! (Sorry to the girls on that day!) I havent been up to Galway in such a long time and I completely forgot just how amazing it is up there. Everyone is just friendly and its just such a nice atmosphere. The Christmas Market is there and theres lights along the street and it was just so nice being back.

Lily Atkinson PhotoLily Atkinson PhotoFor the party I wore this Cameo Rose dress which is really comfortable! Its a glittery dress so its great for anything this season. Its simple enough that you dont really need jewellery with it or anything. I also bought these shoes on Wednesday in the promotion for €25.00 and they are so comfy. Some people were saying that because they are sandals that they would be really uncomfortable on a night out but I think because the strap is thicker on the toe and the ankle that your foot doesn’t fall forward in them so they are actually really easy to wear. Also they are real leather so that helps too!

Lily Atkinson Newlook ShoesLily Atkinson Newlook Shoes

 We had such a great night out in Galway and it was so nice to go out and just leave Kerry for even just a day. It was a nice little break from work and reality even if I did spend a total of over 8 hours on busses! I was so glad that I was able to ne there for my friends birthday after not seeing her for about 2 years! Out of all the people I met in Galway shes my favourite!

I hope the week is treating you well!

Ever yours



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