Winter Is Here

Fur Stole PinterestHello everyone and happy Tuesday to you . I just decided to do a post on some Winter accessories as the temperature has dropped here in Ireland and its starting to become colder as the weeks go by now we are in November. Still cannot believe we are in November already where did this year go like? On the upside its only a month until my birthday and a few weeks until Aleks turns turns twenty one! So here a few Winter essentials for you all to check out.

Bella Multi Colour Faux Fur Scarf Boohoo.comViolet Popcorn Knit Scarf Boohoo.comMelanie Tonal Boucle Check Scarf Boohoo.comFaux Fur Long Collar

Multi Coloured Faux Fur Scarf//Popcorn Knit Scarf//Tonal Boucle Check Scarf//Faux Fur Long Collar Scarf

One of my favourite accessories in Winter and the start of Spring is a scarf. It really makes such a difference to a look and to your comfort. You can actually keep so warm just by wearing a scarf with a simple outfit. Not even a heavy knit scarf a simple thin scarf will do a great job too but if its snowy outside the knit is a bit more handy!

Newlook Check WrapCameo Rose Cream Stripe WrapNewlook Teal Fringe WrapMela Navy Knitted CapeGrey Herringbone Check Wrap//Cameo Rose Cream Stripe Wrap//Teal Fringe Wrap//Mela Navy Knitted Wrap

These few capes are from Newlook and are so handy for wrapping up in the chilly weather. Wear them loose or put a belt around them you have two different ways of wearing them. They are actually quite versatile and can be used throughout the year too because they are handy for throwing over an outfit in Winter to stay warm without the use of a big heavy knit or coat, and you can throw them on during a Summer evening when its starting to cool down a bit but not to the extent that you need a jacket.

Zara Black GlovesCombined Fabric gloves ZaraCheck gloves Zaracut work leather gloves ZaraTop Stitched Leather Gloves//Combined Fabric Gloves//Check Gloves//Cut Work Leather Gloves

All of these gloves are from Zara and are so nice! Its always handy to have a pair of good gloves around for those snowy days and also they are handy to have for driving when your out on those icy days and you need something between your frozen hands and a freezing steering wheel! They add a little something to an outfit as well so its great to have them around. They would be great with black jeans, a pair of boots and a blanket wrap like one from above!

So thats about it for today and I hope you have all had a good week! The weather in Ireland is a bit crazy today but I shouldn’t complain things could be a lot worse!

Ever Yours



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