Pray For Paris

Pray For ParisLily Atkinson Eiffel Tower PhotoLast night Paris and its occupants were victims of a vicious attack of terrorism. At least 128 people were killed by gunmen in Bataclan hall while watching the opera, La Belle Equipe, La Carillon Bar and Le Petit Cambodge Restaurant, La Casa Rostra Restaurant and Stade De France.  For the first time since 1958 France declared a State Of Emergency. It is actually so scary to think that our world contains people who carry out such horrific acts. My thoughts and prayers are with the city today and all the families who lost loved ones in this awful time. I was in Paris back in 2012 and have said ever since that I will go back and see more of the beautiful city and all it has to offer. I will never forget seeing how beautiful the city was at the top of the Eiffel Tower at night with Paris all lit up. It took my breath away. Anyone who has visited Paris will agree it is one of the most beautiful and amazing cities in the world and for it to be going through such heartbreak from last night is so upsetting. For anyone concerned about loved ones here are embassy numbers for you to call.

Australia – +33140593300

British – +33144513100

US – +33143122222

Canada – +33144432900

Irish – +33144176700

Again my heart goes out to everyone in Paris today and for the difficult days to come.Lily Atkinson Eiffel Tower PhotoLily Atkinson Eiffel Tower Photo

Ever Yours



Images from my photos//news facts collected from BBC News//numbers from Unilad Facebook//

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