Gold And Grey

Weekend PinterestHappy Saturday guys and hello to the weekend. Todays post is just a catch up on my latest purchases which I haven’t done in a little while! I have picked up a few things over the last few weeks since Spain but nothing to extravagant. So this post is mainly about my growing obsession with shirts, an amazing Pennys purchase, a new necklace and some shoes as always! Just little bit of everything really! Lily Atkinson IMG_7898Lily Atkinson IMG_7899I picked up these shoes in Pennys a couple weeks ago because I wanted some more  flat shoes for work and I am so glad I bought these. They are so comfortable and perfect for running around the shop floor in. They are also available in Burgundy and Nude in store but you can see these on the website by clicking hereOne of the things I love about these is that if they get a few scuff marks you can literally just rub them away and they are good as new! I also love the fact that they are pointed because that is a style of shoe I am obsessed with! Lily Atkinson IMG_7897Lily Atkinson IMG_7902These two I bought this Gold and Maroon necklace and White shirt at the same time from work last week. I picked up the necklace to wear to a surprise party that night for one of the girls at work and the shirt because I was tired of wearing my grey one! Its a little different to my grey version because this one is a tad longer and has little slits at the side. It also comes in black too and you can shop it hereI have worn it a couple times two different ways. Once with just a ponytail and black jeans and black boots, the other with this necklace and blue jeans. Also just as a side note the bottles for the Pure perfume are now available in bigger bottles and they have been re-designed too so here they are and they are available in store.Lily Atkinson IMG_7855Lily Atkinson IMG_7900Lily Atkinson IMG_7901Lily Atkinson IMG_7903I posted these throws from Pennys a couple days ago on my Instagram and people went a little crazy for them so here they are! Both of them are from Pennys and you can find them here along with the prices and many other styles. The cream plain throw I already have from my time in Galway in college but its looking a tad worn out now so I picked up another one just to stock up for Winter. The fluffy throw I am in love with. It definitely its not called Supersoft on the label for nothing! This one is also available in a dark grey but the one I have here is the light grey version. It is actually an amazingly comfortable thing! You can see on my Instagram that the cat agrees! Lily Atkinson IMG_7881Lily Atkinson IMG_7882Lily Atkinson IMG_7878This khaki shirt I picked up on Thursday and even though Im not mad on green usually this is really nice on. As you can see its not a chiffon material unlike a majority of the shirts I have at the moment so its a nice change. You can shop this here and it is also available in white too. I will keep you updated on how I wear it!

Thats all for today and I hope you are enjoying your Sunday and have a good weekend guys!

Ever Yours



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