Framed Faces

Pinterest GlassesHey everyone I hope the week has been treating you well. Todays post is another collaboration post this time with Salt City Optics all about glasses! As I wear prescription glasses myself this is something I definitely know a little something about!

Finding the right pair of glasses to suit you can be a tricky business as I have found out over the last few years. Depending on your face shape some can look amazing while others can look really awful so its all about finding the shape that suits you. Not just with prescription glasses but also with normal sunglasses too. There are so many different styles and designs of glasses that there is always a couple that suit you and your face. So first things first before you go to get your prescription glasses or new shades establish your face shape.

Pinterest SunglassesOne piece of eyewear you definitely wear at some time during the year wether you need a prescription or not is Sunglasses. They are also a great accessory as well as being handy for the sunny weather. There are so many different styles of sunglasses around that there are always a few you will fall in love with!

Ray Ban SaltCity OpticsSmith Spree SaltCity OpticsOakley Daisy Chain SaltCity OpticsRay Ban Erika Sunglasses//Smith Spree Sunglasses//Oakley Daisy Chain Sunglasses

The three are just an example of how many different styles of glasses there are out there. They are all from the Womens Sunglasses section of the Salt City Optics website so head over there to see what style of glasses are best for you. I myself have about 4 pairs of sunglasses and one regular pair. One of my pairs are a prescription lense but I just dont like the shade of the lense in a sense that its not dark enough for my liking so I rarely wear them! My own daily glasses I bought in April of last year on the day of my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary as my old ones just weren’t the same strength as before due to my prescription changing and out of all the glasses I have had since I was 9 these are my favourites so far!

Lily Atkinson 2012Lily Atkinson 2014Square Frame Glasses from 2009//Larger Frame Glasses from 2014

Prescription glasses can be a bit daunting if you’re updating from your current pair and want to change the style because normally you will be stuck with them for a while so you want to make deadly sure that the frame suits you. Its like shopping getting your friends opinion only you will be wearing it almost everyday and people will notice them.

TOMS-CLEMENTINERX-COP-SCOOPCLHIIRayBa-RX702252RX-BLK-SCOOPCR39Lucky-HIGHNOONRX-BLA-SCOOPCLPOJason-HANNERX-BLK-SCOOPCLHIIToms Clementine Glasses//Ray Ban Prescription Glasses//Lucky High Moon Glasses//Jason Wu Hanne Glasses

There are so many different brands and designs of prescription glasses over on the website which you can view by clicking here. I took me a while to find a pair of glasses that I actually like wearing! My first pair were a standard small frame Specsavers pair and I hated wearing them! My second pair (pictured above) were a square framed black and white pair which I liked at first but still didn’t like wearing too much. My Newest pair I actually really like! I like the size of the frame and the colour. I can finally say after wearing glasses for over ten years that I like wearing my glasses and that I don’t mind wearing them out and about!

So thats about it for today! Sorry for my silence over the last little while but work has been busy and I just did not have the time! Thanks to the people over at for getting in touch and make sure you check out their range on the website!

Ever Yours



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