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Good Morning to you my readers! I hope you all had a good weekend and that your coffee is strong this Monday.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been in contact with a woman from the bridal and occasion dress website and shop Rosa Novias and I am happy to be sharing some gorgeous Debs and bridal dresses with you in this post. They have so much from wedding dresses, mother of the bride, bridal party to communion dresses, bridal accessories and it basically has everything you need in terms of finding your look for the big day wether it be your wedding or your debs/prom!

I myself being only nineteen (and single) haven’t started shopping myself for a wedding dress just yet but I can still see how beautiful some of them are. I am a long way off from getting married (way, way, way off) but still I can appreciate the design of them and talk about their debs/prom wear which is more towards my age and some of my readers heading to their school debs, college ball etc.vintage style ivory wedding dress Rosa Noviasau-elegant-a-line-bateau-beading-sweep-brush-train-chiffon-wedding-dresses-65

Vintage Bateau Lace Bodice Wedding Dress//Elegant Chiffon Train Wedding Dress

I have done a few website collaborations on Evanna Lily over the last two years and I am always so happy to have a website take interest in my little blog and ask me to take part in a new project they might have. So big thanks to Rosa Novias! As they also have debs and prom dresses on their website I thought I would talk about them a bit more as debs and other dressy events happen in Kerry at all different times of the year. The debs is always a big season for people who have finished secondary school and they are normally in summer but it doesn’t hurt to get some inspiration together!


Chiffon Princess Floor Length Prom Dress//Sparkling Sleeveless Sheath Satin Dress//Sleeveless A-Line Chiffon Dress

Finding the perfect debs dress can be tricky because depending on your body shape, what colours suit you, your height, etc etc you could end up being drowned in a dress. I think its always a good idea to go to a store that can give some great advice on what would suit you. For instance when I was purchasing my own debs dress (almost three years ago) I went to a woman who sells and rents dresses near to where I live who found loads of them for my body shape and all the styles that would suit me. So definitely play around with different styles. Its hard to find things that suit you everywhere. For example one of my friends has reddish hair so certain colours didn’t suit her because they clashed. These three dresses are gorgeous styles! They are simple but elegant. Not too fussy or glitzy but still really classy. You can see many many more over on the Rosa Novias website by clicking here.

They also have a great range of Cocktail Dresses available for other special occasions. They are always such a handy little things to have for weddings, dressy parties etc.Dazzling-Chiffon-A-line-Evening-Dresses-18458Sweetheart-Short-Zipper-Party-Dresses-17183Royal Blue Beaded Chiffon Cocktail Dress//Sweetheart Short Zipper Party Dress

So thats all from me today guys. Big thank you to the people over at Rosa Novias for getting in touch and make sure you take a look at the website for whatever occasion you have planned! I have a couple more collaboration posts coming up this week so stay tuned for those!

Ever Yours



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