New Beginnings

Evanna Lily PinterestGood afternoon everybody I hope that Tuesday is treating you well and thats its a nice sunny day wherever you are as it is here in Kerry. I just wanted to do a little post today to mark the second birthday of Evanna Lily!

I cannot believe it has been two whole years since I started blogging back in my little room in Galway while in college. When I started blogging on Evanna Lily I was seventeen and had just gone off to college for a year to study Fashion Retail and Styling in Galway Technical Institute. I had no idea about blogging or how to go about it so I just decided to jump in and learn along the way and I definitely have! Of course I took some inspiration from other bloggers who are much bigger and more well known then me to see how I could develop my own skills. I have changed up Evanna Lily a few times in the last two years with the layout, the way I post, what I post about and how I write.

Since Galway I have done so much more fashion related things like working in Newlook, getting to post with other websites involved like and others along the way. I have a few projects in progress about the future of Evanna Lily but for now Im just going to keep working on them and I will let you know the details nearer the time but for now I am excited about the next year of blogging ahead. Im going to be honest and say there are times when I feel like theres no point and that I should just forget about blogging but when I do I think about all the opportunities that have happened through blogging and all of the opportunities yet to come and also about all the other bloggers like Suzanne from SoSueMe, Erika Fox of Retroflame, Lorna Ruane of LCScloset and so many others who have such success from blogging and have gained amazing experiences in work, life and travel through their blogs who wouldn’t have had those opportunities if they had given up. End of the day if you give up on one good thing you are giving up on so many other amazing things waiting to happen to you.

So thank you to my readers and followers for taking an interest in my little blog and for showing support the last two years and I cant wait to share the next year ahead with you all again!

Ever Yours



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