Style In Spain

Blake Lively QuoteSo as I was in Spain for two weeks I obviously bought a few different looks with me which this post is all about. I didn’t go too fancy or anything just summer clothes that are versatile because thats all you need on holiday! I wore the same thing a couple times just switching it up each time so I didn’t end up packing everything but the kitchen sink!Lily Atkinson Outfit 1For the first day I wore this Newlook maxi skirt that I got years ago which I never wear except like this in summer because maxi dresses just aren’t for my height! I threw a thin belt around the waist to bring it in a little. Even worn like this its near enough to the ground so its nice to just lift it up a little at the side. Its a super comfy look and its so easy to create. Its great on holidays for just lying by the pool and just relaxing around.Lily Atkinson Outfit 2Lily Atkinson Outfit 2 playsuit

For our first and second dinner out I wore this Paisley Print Playsuit and Sleeveless Jacket from Newlook that I bought a couple months ago. Its actually so comfortable and so easy to dress up! I just wore my Primark jewelled sandals with my usual midi rings and an arm bracelet I have had since I was about 11! I also brought a pair or midi block black heels with me which also go perfectly with this playsuit! I did a post featuring this playsuit a little while ago which you can see here.  The shoes I used in that post are also really similar to the ones I brought which you will be able to see in my last outfit!

Lily Atkinson Outfit 3Lily Atkinson Outfit 3 Chiffon TopLily Atkinson Outfit 3 street This look is definitely one of my favourites! Its so simple and easy to create. So this chiffon top with side splits I bought in a sale ages ago for a party I didn’t end up going to. As it has quite high side splits I bought black shorts to wear underneath which are almost the exact same shade of black as the top so you wouldn’t even notice them underneath! The statement necklace adds a nice detail to it I think. It just adds a little something more than if there was no jewellery. I was actually unprepared that night because my hair was still wet from being washed and I literally threw it in a bun and put on a bit of foundation and I was in the car to go! That was the night we found La Trastienda and after we walked through all these little streets of the town where my brother took this photo. He’s into photography so I can always get an outfit photo done haha! Lily Atkinson Outfit 4So I didn’t actually have time to get a full length photo of this outfit but you can get the idea of it from my snapchat haha. So this is a cotton top with lace detail that I bough in H&M in Valencia which you can buy here. I love the lace detail on it! Its a quarter sleeve knitted top so its not like a jumper. Its a good colour as well because its like a white nude so it goes with everything! I just put it over denim shorts and wore my lace up shoes. I just went for a casual look that could still be dressed up. I love it at home with black jeans and my pointed boots with just a simple white scarf! Lily Atkinson Outfit 5Lily Atkinson Outfit 5 80sSo for this one it was just thrown on going to the beach one day and I only had the small belt with me so I had to make an extra belt hole using an earring (bit of a DIY job!) to make it actually work as a belt with the shorts! I like this look because it has a bit of an 80s feel to it with the shorts up at the waist and the small belt. Throw a kimono over it and I was set for the day!Lily Atkinson Outfit 6 FourLily Atkinson Outfit 6 twoLily Atkinson Outfit 6This Cameo Rose floral dress is one of my favourite looks from this holiday. Its casual but so dressy at the same time. Its actually a bit loose its not a fitted style dress but I threw the belt around it (this belt has been used more in two weeks than in 5 five years!) and I wore the black block heels and my primary sandals with it and I had two simple casual looks! This look and the last one are my two favourite looks from this holiday and I am so excited to share them!Lily Atkinson Outfit 7IMG_7636IMG_7634This last look is my favourite! I bought this Parisian Collection Playsuit a few months ago and I just love the embroidery on it. It was also available in black as well but as it was a while ago I dont think they are there anymore! There is a similar one here on LucLuc which I have also seen in white too! I only wore my midi rings with this for accessories because I don’t think it needs anything else. It speaks for itself really you don’t need to dress it up with jewellery because of the embroidery detail. Thats just me though! These shoes are plain black block heel sandals I got in Newlook. You can see similar ones here on the website.

I hope you enjoyed todays post and I have a few new things planned to post over the next week so stay tuned for those! Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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