Spanish Storms and Sunshine

evanna lily pinterestSo todays post is all about my second week in Spain which unfortunately brought a few days of rain and storms! It all started on the sixth day when there was a massive thunder and lightening storm! It lasted nearly all night for the thunder to actually stop! The sky went so black it was crazy dark. My dad made us brave the elements though and we went out for dinner. I guess it wasn’t raining so it wasn’t really really bad. I managed to catch this thunder roll as I was heading out!

The next day was a rainy day. It just rained nearly all day. So dad managed to get the television to work in my parents room only to find it was all in German but we watched it anyway. There is something quite entertaining about watching Flight Of The Concord, Drake and Josh and seeing Tom and Jerry dubbed into a language none of you understand. We also managed to identify the mosquitos that had be eating us alive for the last few days. Normally mosquitos only come out at night and bit you once and fly away but we had literally been bitten every point of the day at least 200 times. We discovered that the mosquitos were in fact Asian Tiger Mosquitos from southeast Asia. I won’t go into too much detail but basically they are around all the time day and night and can bite you 50 times in 15 minutes! My mother ended up having an allergic reaction to them! So if you’re going abroad to America, Spain, France, Greece and even in parts of Germany look out for them because they are seriously awful little things!

Over the next few days we went a few different places in an attempt to get out of the house and away from our hungry little friends who were using us as dinner! We went to the town of Xaló where there was a market on and honestly the amount of Michael Kors (or Michael Nors as I call them as they weren’t authentic) I saw was insane. There were loads of great antiques, technology, clothes, furniture and loads loads more stuff on every stall! Over the next couple days we didn’t really do much due to the weather but one thing we decided to do just to stop ourselves going mad from being stuck inside was go to Valencia City. It was a beautiful city when it stopped raining for 5 minutes. We got absolutely soaked. I have never known rain like it and I am living in Ireland! It was literally like someone just tipped a full bath of water over us. I did however manage (with mum) to hunt down Zara and H&M. Literally hunt because our clothes and shoes were soaked through and we needed retail therapy. I picked a few new things including dry socks for the drive home! I will be posting about them later on in the week! On the way back to the car the rain let up and I managed to get a few photos of the cities pretty buildings.

Valencia SquareValencia BuildingValencia Square StationValencia StationThe next day we just hung around the house where the sun tried to break out after 4 days of rain and grey skies and at the end of the evening it was having little moments of strong hot sunshine which gave us all hope that we had not booked a holiday in vain!

The Wednesday before we left we spent the entire day at the beach because the sun made a return to us and even though there was a slight wind it was still so nice to just lie out in the sun and we started feeling like we were on holiday again only to realise it was the second last full day we had! At this point I was so determined to get a tan so I (foolishly) didn’t bother with the suncream as it didn’t feel that hot and there was a wind so as you probably guessed I along with my father, who has an ancient tradition of saying he doesn’t burn on holidays and then doing exactly that, burnt the backs of our legs and our backs! So lesson learned always listen to the mammy about suncream!

Denia Beach sunbathingIMG_7382The next day brought Thursday the last full day there! So once again we spent the day at the beach soaking up the last of the sun and enjoying being away from the relentless mosquitos! We travelled this time to Barracca Beach which was a stone beach. We rented sunbeds for the day and just chilled out. Myself and my dad could only lie on our fronts due to our epic sunbathing session the day before so we just topped up on the factor 50 suncream every hour! This beach was completely different to Denia beach not just because it had stones instead of sand but because it was more of a cove beach whereas Denia beach stretched on for miles!IMG_7577IMG_7584Baracca Beach sunbathingIMG_7580As it was the last night we decided it was a must to have dinner out rather than cooking for ourselves so we headed out to Casa Grau again for our last supper. I mentioned it was really good in my week one post and this time I managed to get some photos of the cool decor they had! As it was our last night in Spain I decided to dress up a little for the occasion! The full look will be in my Outfits Post!House Room OutfitCasa Grau RestaurantCasa Grau Restaurant Decor 2Casa Grau Restuarant DecorWe had a great last meal with some great service and I treated my parents to it as a thank you for the holiday which they were pleased with. Isn’t the decor so imaginative? It was so colourful and interesting!

After dinner we headed to a hostel that we found a couple days before who’s bar does the best mojitos going and we couldn’t leave without having one last one! After that night it was back to packing and tidying the house and then off to Alicante Airport again! After getting there early we had a two hour wait to check in and then another hour for our gate info and then another hour waiting to board because Airlingus decided not to tell anyone it was delayed until we landed in Cork.

So all in all we were back home at 3am after realising we were insanely hungry so the first thing we did when we got home was eat the Mcdonalds we picked up on the way at 3am!

We had such a great time despite the mosquitos and the bit of rain and I would gladly go on holiday again anytime soon! I hope you all had a great two weeks while I was gone and didn’t miss me too much! My Spain next post will be my outfits from the holiday of which there are a few so I will speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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