Away In Spain

Home QuoteHello everyone! As of about 3am yesterday morning I am once again back in Ireland after a lovely two weeks off in Spain with my family. I am so tired and I have so much to do since coming back but I have a few days before I go back to work so I have a good bit of time to get it all done and I get to sleep in my own cosy bed again!

On Friday the 28th we all headed to Cork airport to get our flight for our first holiday in a couple years to Spain where we got a house through Airbnb near a really cute town called Javea or Xábia in Valencian on the Costa Blanca. It was a later flight so we went straight to the house and (with a bit of sat nav drama) we eventually found the house and went straight for the beds. The next morning we could actually see and be aware of our surroundings and the place was so nice. We had our own pool and we were next to a mountain behind us. The garden was so nice and it was just a nice little living spot.

Lily Atkinson Spain House ViewHouse PoolThe house had literally anything you could need. The woman who owned was a really great hostess and definitely thought of every possible need that anyone staying could have for sleeping, cooking, eating, swimming etc etc. The pool was such a good thing to have because the first day (Saturday) we spent most of it just unpacking, adjusting to the weather and laying by the pool. The pool had a lilo float which my brother and dad got great entertainment from! I also found it great for just floating around the water relaxing in the sun! On that first day in the evening we went down to walk around El Arenell which is like a long stretch of beach with restaurants and they lead off into the town. We had dinner in a restaurant called La Tagliatella and I swear to god it was the biggest bowl of pasta I have seen in my entire life. You choose your own type of pasta and what sauce you want with it (Carbonara in my case) and they brought it in a bowl I swear I could have sat in!

We found out the next day that there was a fiesta happening the first week we were there so there was loads of little events happening in the actual town of Javea. So we went in that evening to see what was happening. That night they had a bull event happening which was like training for arenas. The bulls weren’t hurt of anything they were just assessed for actual bull fighting. We didn’t watch that but we walked along the pier just taking in the view and the atmosphere. It was such a nice town with an old part with this amazing church and a new part and there was just so much life there as well. I would definitely recommend it as a place to go!

Javea Pier ViewJavea Pier View 2Javea CatsJavea ChurchThe third day brought us the first of the rainy days. We had some really bad weather while we were there with thunder, lightening and rain which was not ideal because that was similar to the weather we were getting away from! After one grey, dull looking day we had a bit of sunshine so we headed to the town of Denia which has a really really long beach which we aiming to be on. Its a really nice beach because it is sandy and you can literally just go anywhere. Theres no sunbeds you can reserve of anything you just take your beach towel and claim your space!

Denia BeachDenia Beach sunbathingDenia Beach SandThe next day the family and I got boat in Javea to try snorkelling and I have to say it is definitely not for me! Just the combination of the mask, the flippers I just could not do it. I literally jumped in and about 1 minute later I was back on the boat just watching everyone else it is just not something I think I will ever get into! I swallowed some of the water as I was getting out of the water too which definitely did not help! It was a really amazing day as well it was really sunny with no hint of bad weather anywhere around and it was a perfect day! We found this amazing restaurant for dinner that night called La Trastienda which had the best food. Its not a massive big fancy place its just simple and has great quality food. On the first night my mum had some chill and garlic scallops and my brother had this delicious stewed wild boar which he ordered again the second time we went there. I had a plain burger served without bread and homemade chips which were like crisps they were so thin but they were so delicious! The second time we went I had this absolutely amazing Teriyaki Fillet Steak which honest to god I would walk back for! I also got a delicious Chocolate and Toffee Dessert after which my mother also dug into. Heres the photos from my snapchat!

La Trastienda meal mainLa Trastienda DessertLily Atkinson Outfit 4

The next day which marked the one week stay we headed back to Denia beach in the late afternoon for a few hours and decided to go out for dinner. Once we got back to the house though the weather just turned completely. Little did we know it was the start of the rainy days to follow! Around eight o clock the sky just went so black as if it was near midnight and the thunder and lightening started. I swear it was the loudest thunder I have ever heard! It was the kind of thunder you get in movies that rolls for ages. The lightening was flashing in the clouds too but we braved it and headed out to dinner. We found this place called Casa Grau which had such great food and really interesting decor. Its located in the old part of the town but its modern and honestly the food from taste, quantity and presentation was amazing! We headed back there for our last meal in Spain but more on that in my next post!

So thats part one of my two week trip to Spain. Week twos activities will be in my next post and then after that I will be posting my outfits and looks from the holiday! I still have good few things to do at home and in town so Im off to do those. I hope you all enjoyed the post and speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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