Beauty Buys

beauty quoteAfternoon everybody and happy Friday to you! Todays post is just a short one on my latest beauty buys from the other day which I had on my snapchat a couple days ago (@lilyatkinson_95) when I had a couple hours in town. I just picked up a few essentials and some holiday bits as I am off soon! I cannot wait to be in constant sunshine and actually have some form of summer in my life!

beauty buysThe Ice Cream Girlstravel bottlesFirst of all I picked up a book in Easons to read while I am lying pool side or on the beach over in Spain. A book is such a handy thing to have on holidays because you can just lie there in the sun getting lost in a good book and just be totally relaxed! I spotted this one which is by Dorothy Koomson called Ice Cream Girls and is basically about two girls who were involved in an incident when they were younger and how years later its coming back to haunt them. It sounds good so I’ll keep you posted! I also picked up these really handy travel bottles for shampoo, make up remover, eye make up etc for travelling in Pennys for only €1.50! Im not planning on wearing a full face of make up while I’m there because whats the point so Im just bringing a bit of moisturiser, a bit of make up remover for the BB cream and waterproof mascara I am bringing just for meals out and a bit of toner for night.

Garnier Cleansing Watergarnier cleansing watergarnier tonerWhile in Pennys I also picked up some more of Garnier’s Cleansing Water and also decided to try out their Simple Essentials Toner too as I had never tried it before and I really like it! You just use it after you have removed your make up and you let it dry naturally so theres not wiping or anything involved. I bought two bottles of the cleansing water one in a regular size and the other in 125ml bottle to bring on holidays. Obviously there is the issue of the 100ml limit (rolls eyes at all airlines ridiculous policies) so I figured thats over half of the bottle I can take a good bit of it with me and just use the remaining bit when I get home and still have the bit bottle left to use up. So I dont think I will be running out of it anytime soon! There are loads of different versions of the cleansing water and the toner such as Eye Make Up remover, Cleansing Wipes and Gel Washes. To see all these products on their website just click here

Catrice Waterproof MascaraCatrice Waterproof mascaraThis is the waterproof mascara that I will be taking with me. I bought it in waterproof because of swimming in the pool and the sea so I just wanted to have a light make up look for when Im in the town or out having dinner at night and then just have the long lash look when Im in the water too. Its just subtle things like this that can make a difference to how you look on holiday. If I went with a completely bare face then I wouldn’t want any photos of myself! As I said I am not going with a complete full face of make up because I dont see the point of that on holiday and when its hot like that your face is going to melt even just a little bit so I think a simple natural look is better.

So Sue Me Nail PolishLast but not least I finally found SoSueMe nail polish in Killarney. I have seen the instagram posts of all the colours from her range on her instagram and also the nail polishes instagram as well and I really wanted to try them out. I found these in the small pharmacy next door to Murphys Ice Cream for anyone in town who is looking for them! The colours I have here are a nude and a black. The nude colour called I Do she actually said on her snapchat the other day was her favourite colour from the collection. I have read loads of people love it because its such a nice colour so I had to try it out for myself! The black is called Private Jet and I bought it because the black I have currently literally chips off a day even with a clear coat on top of it and I think every girl has to have a black nail varnish at home at all times of the year! Ill let you know what theyre like when I try them!

Thats all for my beauty purchases from todays post so I hope you all enjoyed it. Enjoy the rest of your Friday guys and have a good weekend. Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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