Purple Rain

Friends Afternoon everybody! This post s just to let you know how my night was last night in Killarney and it was as usual great fun! As it was a Monday and Puck Fair has started in Killorglin there wasn’t too many people out but it was still busy enough! Myself and Eimear headed out to The Kube as we normally do for the first drink and then on to The Grand.

Evanna Lily and Eimear

So I know I put up a video/photo of my look from last night on my snapchat but I did change it a little after that! I decided to change my shoes because I though that wearing new shoes probably wasn’t the best idea for dancing around all night and my ankles are still suffering from the last time I wore new shoes out a few weeks ago! These shoes are actually so comfortable to wear. I got them around Christmas last year and I wore them for New Years and they ankle straps started to rub a small bit but having worn them a few times they actually are the most comfortable shoe with no rubbing anywhere at all! These Black Crochet Runner Shorts were originally bought for The Galway Races (which I ended up not attending) to wear under a chiffon side split long top so it all just looked like a dress. They have a cute bobble detail along the edges too and they also come in white.purple rain cocktails the KubeWhile in The Kube we decided to try out a cocktail called Purple Rain which turned out to be really nice! I was thinking I wasn’t going to like it because any drink thats purple or a bright colour sounds slightly suspicious but I was pleasantly surprised! Its basically vodka, blue curaçao, grenadine, and they have a secret Kube ingredient. The only way I can describe it is in my opinion like a slushy. You know those drinks you can buy at the cinema? I think its a bit like an alcoholic version of a blue slushy. If you dont like really sweet drinks I recommend you steer clear of it though!IMG_7082 (1)Round two was the usual Cosmopolitan which I have virtually overtime I go out! I really like the start of nights out with the girls where we just sit with cocktails and talk about everything just having a laugh its just relaxing and fun to be chit chatting with friends with a drink in your hand! The decor in The Kube is really cool as well. The wall behind my drink in the photo is made up of a tough glass with bottles carved into it and it changes colours every few seconds (My photos aren’t really doing the place justice!). The sofas are really comfortable as well because sitting on a bar stool for me is annoying as Im not that tall! (que Cian Twomey video about being short)

The Kube WallThe Kube WallAfter our Kubing we went to The Grand and had a bop to some of the best tunes ever! They actually had some really amazing tunes on last night both old and new, tiny technical glitch at one point between two songs where we ended up with no music at all for a minute but after that it all went well! By 1am we were all danced out! My knees started suffering at the end though and I actually had to sit down for a while! Its always a fun night in The Grand though!

When The Grand closed we headed up to the Chinese to get food but it was closed (very upset about it) so we headed to Allegro to get chips where I witnessed some awful behaviour towards staff by two young girls who ended up being forced by the staff (who also was a bit verbally offensive towards them) out the store but decided to start banging on the windows and door give them offensive gestures. I honestly dont know what started it but if you become verbally and physically abusive towards other people dont go to shops. I can only imagine the things that all the food shops have to put up when everyones pouring in after a night out so you should always be nice to them as they have to put up with enough stuff already and end of the day they are up at 3am to provide food for you so being verbally and physically abusive to them is just disgusting behaviour.

I also met a girl called Aisling on the street who was attending the Killarney debs who stopped me to tell me she loved the blog and she though it was really good! It was so nice have someone come up to me to tell me they enjoy Evanna Lily and that they think its great! I havent met any readers who weren’t people I know from school and college to it was really nice! She suggested I start doing youtube videos so I don’t know is that something you guys want me to do? Let me know! So thank you to Aisling for saying hello!

So thats all for today really! I have a couple posts planned for the next few days first up tomorrow I am announcing some big changes to my Twitter and Snapchat accounts to make sure you take a look at it because it is a big change! The I will have a post up later on about my favourite pieces of formal jewellery! I hope you are all having a good Tuesday!

Ever Yours

Evanna Lily


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